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Irish ProShare Association

About IPSA


The Irish ProShare Association (IPSA) represents organisations which are employee owned or transitioning to employee ownership across Ireland. We are a not for profit, independent, voluntary organisation that works in close partnership with its members to champion, promote and provide insight into the business case for employee ownership.

Current members benefit from unique learning, networking and trading opportunities across the network of diverse companies of all sizes and from all sectors that make up our membership.

Our ambition is to create and develop a broader awareness of employee financial involvement and ownership as a business model in its own right and even more so to succeed in getting Government to champion the model as an arm of economic stability into the future.

Employee Financial Involvement is can be a visionary economic development for Ireland and we want it to form part of the economic strategy for growth and sustainability in the next programme for government.

At present our nearest trading neighbours in the UK can attribute over 5% of UK GDP as being delivered by employee owned businesses; proof that this business model works, and what’s more, works excellently.

IPSA is as a result working hard to influence – on behalf of its members – policy makers, the media, Government and a range of other audiences. There has never been a better time to join the growing membership of the IPSA as businesses across a wide range of sectors, sizes and geography realise the benefits and opportunities that employee ownership can bring.