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4 Ways to Build Relationships with Booking Agents

There’s nothing more central to your live music business than the artists you book. And to book the best artists, you need to form strong relationships with their agents.

Booking agents don’t have easy jobs. Their seemingly simple objective — booking shows — has a somewhat complex goal: planning an efficient route while hitting markets that will build the artist’s brand. Ultimately, agents try to get the best possible deal for each show so they can maximise an artist’s earnings.

But it’s your job as a promoter or venue owner to get the best deal, too. So how can you help agents meet their objectives — while still putting your business first?

Download this tipsheet for expert advice on building and maintaining strong working relationships with booking agents.

You’ll learn:

  • How and when to say no to deals, while preserving the relationship
  • How to think beyond the deal, and build trust over the long term
  • How to make sure positive feedback gets back to the booking agent.


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