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An Easier Way To Manage Your Event Speakers

Speakers are the lifeblood of most conferences, conventions and other events where people gather to learn and exchange knowledge.

Some events only have one speaker, others will have over a hundred!

However many you have, providing your event speakers with the right details is essential to the smooth running of an event and their experience of you as an organiser.

Get it right and your event’s speakers can become long-term allies and champions for years to come; get it wrong and it can be just the opposite.

This is why we wanted to provide you with a really simple, yet definitive, speaker handbook template.

This is the document you (or your team) should be filling out at least 2-4 weeks before the conference (ideally sooner), and then distributing to your speakers (and their PA’s or support team).

The idea is to keep your communication and information consistent, simply laid out and not to miss any important details.

The speaker handbook template is designed to be simple to use, you just need to:

  • Fill out the executive summary on pages 3 and 4
  • Run through the checklist on page 5 and add links to the relevant materials. Just add N/A if you don’t have materials to share
  • Save the document
  • Share with your speakers and their support team!

To download the template, just fill out a few details and you can use it time and again to keep your speakers informed and your event running smoothly.

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