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Sustainability 101: The Guide To A Greener Festival

We all have a part to play in saving our planet from the ongoing and increasing dangers of climate change. Our guide explores the key steps that festival organisers can take to make future events greener, as well as providing actionable advice from sustainable organisations, a directory of suppliers and organisations, and a selection of case studies to take inspiration from.

After reading this guide, organisers should be equipped to consider quick and easy sustainable initiatives to implement at events – it could be as simple as providing more water stations or having a designated car park closer to the site for car-sharing attendees – as well as the larger-scale projects that festivals around the UK and Ireland have already adopted.

The most important thing to know is this – no matter how small the change, it will have a positive impact.

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What’s inside?

  1. Climate Change – Understanding Your Festival’s Impact
  2. Transportation – Audience Travel
  3. Energy – Powering Your Festival
  4. Food – Environmentally Conscious Catering
  5. Waste – Eliminating Single-Use Plastic
  6. Waste – Recycling & Composting
  7. Toilets – Green Options
  8. Ticketing – Going Paperless
  9. Procurement – Greening the Supply Chain
  10. Next Steps – Certification

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