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Hack the Calendar: Your Ultimate Guide to Seasonal Events

Season to season, and month to month, there’s a holiday cadence to event planning that most event creators can’t ignore. And if you’re part of that large group who has at least one event tied to a specific celebration throughout the year, you know there’s a lot of competition.

That’s where thinking beyond just the traditional big holidays can really help you stand out. There’s a whole world of whimsical, spiritual, and fun traditions waiting to be explored and celebrated.

So what does it take to plan and promote a truly magical holiday event? In this guide, you’ll find everything you need to think outside of the box and make the most of the calendar by finding your seasonal niche. Along the way, you’ll discover how to help your event become a beloved annual tradition and thrive in a saturated marketplace.

This guide is for…

Event creators who want to help their seasonal event stand out against the competition by offering attendees a unique way to celebrate.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Pick and choose the right holiday events for your community
  • Rethink the way you plan and promote your seasonal event
  • Grow your business by growing your audience

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