Hassle-Free Event Entry Management

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Hassle-Free Entry Management

Fans are lining up.

Your team is pumped up and ready to go.

When you open the gates to your festival, it’s make-or-break time!

Your fans’ experience getting into your event can set the tone and excitement for hours to come.  The way you plan and execute your entry management strategy is really an extension of your brand. A smooth entry keeps your audience happy and excited about the experience to come, whereas long wait times or ticketing snafus can quickly dampen the anticipation you’ve worked so hard to create.

In this Eventbrite planning guide, you’ll find expert advice, ideas, and best practices recommended by our Field Operations and Customer Service teams on how to make a great first impression at the gate. We’ll help you make sure that your fans’ lingering memories are about the time spent inside the show—not outside the gate.

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