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Insider Tips for Keeping Community at the Heart of Your Festival

Festivals are designed to offer us an escape from the constraints of normal day to day life. To present an alternate reality where we can immerse ourselves in the arts and other extraordinary experiences and give ourselves the space to connect with others on a meaningful level.

However, as festivals get bigger and shinier, this sense of meaning can get lost. Pervasive branding and logos, rising ticket prices, increased regulations, and the same international acts appearing on stage after stage often means the spirit of the festival is changing.

Sure, we all want our events to be profitable – but mass commercialisation of festivals in an effort to rapidly expand and boost profits can only serve to alienate core audiences and erode the identity and values of the festival.

We take a look at five Irish festivals who are challenging this trend by staying steadfastly true to their beliefs and values, and by putting attendees and artists first:

  • Another Love Story
  • KnockanStockan
  • Vantastival
  • Sounds from a Safe Harbour
  • Tipp Classical

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  1. Finding talent
  2. Aligning with partners
  3. Choosing your setting
  4. Valuing your event community

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