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Making Your Events More Inclusive and Diverse

Today, when the bar is set high for equal rights, cultivating a culture of inclusion for your event — one where all kinds of people are welcome — can have a huge impact on both your brand and your overall event success.

“If you’re planning an event and creating a space where only certain people can join,” says Maasha Kah, Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion at Eventbrite, “your business model can’t adapt to the changing needs of the market.”

Whether your event aims to attract all types of people or serve a particular or marginalised crowd, they share a common objective: building communities. And the best communities consist of all different kinds of people, across gender lines, age demographics, racial designations, and levels of physical ability.

In this guide, read the stories of event creators whose profound understanding of diversity and inclusion paved the way for their groundbreaking events. And hear from experts at Eventbrite who can help you transfer the knowledge and ideas to your own event to make a deep impact on the world of your attendees — and the world in general.

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