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The Next Generation of Family Events

Events aimed at entertaining the entire family are growing by the second and it’s a very fruitful space for event organisers to enter. Whether it’s a purpose built event for children or a music festival that caters for kids so the whole family can indulge in the fun, there are plenty of opportunities to produce a unique experience for all to enjoy.

Gaining the support of Karen Beddows, founder of the leading travel blog Minitravellers, this comprehensive eBook will provide you with the current trends taking place in the family events space, as well as show you how to master your own event.

What you’ll learn:

  • Just how big the opportunities are for organisers in this space
  • How to secure sponsorship and create a marketing strategy for your event
  • All you need to know about Health & Safety
  • Insights from successful organisers putting on family events

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