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Sell More Tickets to Your Consumer Event on Instagram

With 80% of Instagram users following at least one business on Instagram, and 200 million users checking out a brand profile on the social media platform every day, Instagram can connect event creators instantly with your target market.  

You may already know how to attract followers to your Instagram account, but how can you convert that to ticket sales for your food festival or comedy weekend?

This guide will show you how smart event brands have elevated their Instagram use beyond a simple engagement tool into a powerful sales conversion machine.

You’ll learn how to: 

  • Develop advanced Instagram strategies designed to drive ticket sales
  • Utilise the often overlooked elements of Instagram’s interface that will elevate you above the competition
  • Create advertising and influencer campaigns on Instagram

Just enter your details to access our ebook – it’s full of actionable tips and relatable case studies!

p.s. Check out our Instagram integration and learn how to sell tickets on Instagram through your Eventbrite ticketing page.

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