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Storytelling Sells: Bring Your Event’s Copy to Life on Social Media

A few years ago, your event was thriving on social media. But today, you wonder if anyone is even seeing your posts — much less clicking on them to buy tickets.

Don’t blame your declining social media results on algorithms – instead, take a long look at your event’s social media copy. Is it hitting the mark?

Find out how to write social media copy that engages followers and turns them into ticket buyers in this ebook written with Grammarly, the experts in elevated storytelling through clear, concise copy. You’ll learn how to:

  • Write more engaging posts across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • Refine your tone on social media to drive engagement and ticket sales
  • Avoid the 9 most common social media copy mistakes that could be costing you sales


Make your event’s story clear on each platform

Once you know your character, it’s time to tell your event’s story in the most effective way for your specific audience. Keep in mind: the way your audience behaves and consumes stories is different on each platform.

To be effective, your copy has to be targeted and polished. The experts at Grammarly have used their writing chops to grow their audience, with more than 7 million followers on Facebook. Taylor Price, Content Marketing Manager at Grammarly, shares the tactics they’ve found most successful to engage audiences on each platform — and how your team can apply them to write concise copy for your event.


“There was a time when Grammarly tended to use one or two-word captions on images posted to Facebook. Although we still occasionally do this, we’ve found that there’s more space to write on this channel than we originally thought.

“The average length of our top posts of 2018 is a whopping seven words! We also use a lot of questions here to encourage discussion, and occasionally post compound sentences on this channel.”

Make it work for your event: Use Facebook as a channel to build community and conversation. Ask questions like, “What are you most excited about at this year’s event?”


“Brevity is the name of the game on Instagram, since your photos should speak for themselves. For Grammarly, 60% of our top captions feature sentences of three words or less, and our top-performing post of 2018 featured a caption that simply said ‘Yes!’ with a hashtag.

“You can use up to 30 hashtags per Instagram post, although we tend to use either just one hashtag, or between five and seven.”

Make it work for your event: Let powerful pictures from your last event do the talking on this channel. Keep captions brief, like “Let’s go!” or “Counting down the days.”

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