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6 Strategies for Organising Classes, Workshops and Seminars

Whether you’re hosting thought leadership seminars, business classes, or a community workshop, you often have to operate under major stress. Your budget is never big enough. Time is in short supply. Everything is a priority — and it all needs to happen before you focus on your actual event and its attendees.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Our tipsheet covers 6 innovative strategies that you can adopt during your event creation process, allowing you to free up time and resources.

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Strategy #1 – Help attendees find your events on Google

Strategy #2 – Automatically post your events on Facebook and other websites

Strategy #3 – Get attendees in the door smoothly

Strategy #4 – Streamline your on-site customer service

Strategy #5 – Keep a pulse on attendance to control variable costs

Strategy #6 – Retain your most valuable event attendees year after year

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