The 2021 Guide to Pricing Online Events

As online events grow in popularity, it’s time to make sure you’re pricing your virtual experiences right. We’ve compiled resources to help you make more money while hosting online events your attendees will be happy they paid for.

Average online ticket prices for 2020


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Science & technology

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Are you pricing your tickets right?

Sometimes it’s best to see what others are doing when it comes to pricing your online events. Check out some pro tips from other creators for setting your ticket price.

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Webinar video: Eventbrite experts explain online event pricing

Eventbrite experts provide a glimpse into our data and walk you through how to price your own online events.

Host an online event attendees will love

We break down the basics of producing a high-quality live stream, including the tools you need for an online event worth charging for.

How to Host a Livestream: The Basics for Virtual Events →

What attendees expect from your online event

Of respondents attended 5+ online events in a recent month

Of respondents paid between $11- $30 to attend an online event

We asked event attendees how they really feel about shifting from in-person to online events and gathered some tips and tricks that will help you host your best online event yet.

How to Make Your Online Event Attendees Happy, According to Attendees Themselves

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