If you’re an event organiser, you’re probably thinking about how you’re going to grow your business, deploy a marketing strategy that helps you reach new people, send better emails – or, wait: Who are those new people? How are they going to help you grow your business? What superhero is going to swoop in and help you send better emails?

Targeting isn’t easy. Especially when you’re juggling a number of events. Because juggling a number of events likely means you’re juggling a number of roles. You’re the one teaching the knitting class – and creating your events on Eventbrite and tackling some semblance of email marketing. (Is there a way to press send on that reminder email while you’re chasing a skein of yarn?)

Frankly, marketing can feel like a necessary evil. When you figure out how to use one tool, you stick with it. Trying something new can be daunting. Unless that something new is Eventbrite Boost. Now, with Boost’s new contact limits, you can send up to 6,000 emails in one day. 

See ya, expensive email tools. This two-part strategy is your new email go-to. 

Part one: Choose a money-saving, time-saving win

By making Eventbrite Boost the foundation of your email strategy, you’re tapping into the built-in power of Eventbrite data. Forget targeting enigmas. With Boost, you can easily target past attendees or use a contact list from a platform you already use.

And sending emails with Boost is quick. One click lets you add details about your events so people can find out what’s important – fast.

Did we mention the volume factor? With our new increased contact limits, you can send more emails (at half the cost of most popular email marketing solutions). Time to reach and grow your audience today.

Part two: Choose a surefire targeting solution that also drives traffic 

Email helps spread the word about your events. To complement your email marketing, use Boost to set up winning ads on Facebook and Instagram.

When you launch your campaign with Boost, spot-on targeting is a guarantee. You can be sure you’re getting your event in front of more people than ever by choosing Boost’s Smart Audience feature – which can easily score you 10,000 more views on your posts. 

And successful ads (like yours) are also a good way to drive traffic to your social media accounts. By growing your following on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, you expand the reach of your ads – and help more people discover your events. 

Make this the year you stop dreading event marketing. With Eventbrite Boost, it’s as simple as setting up your event. 

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