As the saying goes: When romance blooms, events boom. All right, maybe that’s not a saying (yet). But, in our event creators’ experience, it’s proven true. From singles’ cabaret to doggy balls to open-air exploration games, February 14 brings out the goo-goo eyes, the good-good, and everything in between.

Let’s face it: There have never been more ways to celebrate romance, in all its many-splendored forms. The competition is fierce. If you want Cupid’s arrow to point fans in your event’s direction, it’s time to spice up your marketing. 

Eventbrite Boost and Eventbrite are a match made in heaven. These eight marketing tips from Boost will help you sell more tickets – and make your fans believe in happily (events) ever after.

1. Write a love note (or send an engaging email)

Or any email. With Boost’s new daily send upgrade,  you can now email as many as 6,000 contacts per day. Oo-la-lah. 

2. Perfect bullseye targeting 

Strike like that adorable cherub. With Boost’s Smart Audiences feature, you can be sure your social ads will get in front of the right people.

3. Make a Valentine’s Day Collection

Collections let you group your events by category, theme, date, location – you name it. If you have couples-centric events all year, group them on one event page and let the love flow.

4. Believe in “the more, the merrier”

Event creators sell 16% more tickets after they use Boost. Did someone say “love fest”? 

5. Give yourself the gift of free time

Nothing’s less cute than being stressed. Boost lets you take care of your marketing to-dos and enjoy some TLC.

6. Go with the tried-and-true solution

There’s no shame in store-bought valentines. And there’s also no shame in Boost’s built-in campaign templates. 

7. Seal it with… a contest

Nothing like a ticket giveaway or special-access ticket to get your attendees stoked for your event. With Boost, it’s easy to run contests (that also unlock information from your fans). 

8. Keep the love alive with Multi Event Ads

Don’t let the romance die after February 14. Multi Event Ads allow you to promote all of your events in one set-it-and-forget-it campaign. 

Time to say “Be Mine” to Eventbrite Boost and make your marketing see fireworks. 

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