As an event planner, you are probably in one of two situations right now. Either you have a Christmas-themed or seasonal event on the horizon and you are knee-deep in tinsel and fairy lights, or you are so busy with other events that you haven’t noticed the Coca-Cola trucks (or Kevin the Carrot!) back on our screens.  

It’s (almost) the most wonderful time of the year again, and while we’ve already covered New Year’s resolutions and plans for 2020, there is one thing we have so far overlooked – just what should be on your Christmas wish list? 

From the practical to the pampering, we’ve rounded up a personal and professional wishlist of what all event planners should be including in letters to Santa this year. 

A marquee sponsor or partner

Sponsorship is a valuable revenue stream, but securing sponsorship is something many event planners struggle with.  Sponsorship can mean anything from free or subsidised equipment or services to a cash injection in advance of your event, so it is well worth pursuing.  

Why not get started with our 2020 Sponsorship Guide, which gives you the full lowdown on what to expect from sponsorship – and what sponsors may expect from you. And when it comes to approaching sponsors, negotiating details, and keeping both parties updated on the progress and success of your event, take a look at our 8 Sponsorship Letter Templates to Hook Event Sponsors.

A spa getaway

Now would be a good time to start dropping hints to your nearest and dearest that the perfect Christmas present would be a therapy day or weekend away at a spa retreat. Although the likelihood is your family and friends already know that.  

Event planning can be hectic – so don’t forget to find yourself some downtime now and then to leave you refreshed and ready for the next challenge that comes your way.

A social media elf

Even those event planners who have mastered social media sometimes struggle to keep up, as much as the rewards for a social media strategy are obvious for all to see.  While we can’t promise one of Santa’s little helpers, and who knows how social media-savvy they are anyway, why not check out our 51 Social Media Ad Copy Templates for a social media stocking filler?

A fancy diary or 2020 planner

There are probably two distinct camps of event planners here – those who love planning and organising, are never short of Post-it notes or paper clips, and for whom a shiny new piece of stationery is a treat in itself. 

And then there are those who are always chasing their own tails. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us every now and then, and a planner will go a long way in avoiding last-minute rushes. And to start you off on a well-organised 2020, our Event Planning Template Toolkit has everything your diary can’t provide.

A reusable coffee cup or water bottle

The reusable coffee cup is the Christmas gift you never knew you needed. A sure-fire way to save pennies and the environment in one fell swoop, these life-savers will ensure you never go thirsty or miss that caffeine boost every event planner ‘occasionally’ needs.

And who knows, it might even be the starting point for a more sustainable you. In the meantime, get our Guide to a Greener Festival to help make your event as environmentally friendly as possible.

A fancy new tech gadget

Ever imagine how much better your promotional videos would be with a cutting edge drone or professional video equipment? Well, even if the drones are outside of Santa’s budget, that doesn’t mean you need to go without.

We’ve already outlined the top tech trends for event creators, but you don’t need to spend a fortune to get the results you want. Our Guide to Video Marketing shows you what can be done without blowing your marketing allocation, while our App Marketplace provides more tech solutions than a pair of Google glasses.

Once you’ve written your letter and made sure you are on the good list, check out the New Year’s resolutions that event planners will have in mind for 2020.

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