10 Event Entertainment Ideas That Will Really Surprise Your Guests

This is a guest post by Henry Fosdike, Digital Content Coordinator at Sternberg Clarke, one of London’s leading suppliers of entertainment to corporate events, private parties and weddings.

It’s fair to say that despite what we in the industry try to do, many people roll their eyes at having to go to certain events. The mind numbing drudgery of chatting to people you don’t know, the leaning in to read the name tag at a networking do, and the fact that the food can often be unappealing or cliche.

It’s time to change all that by sourcing some top notch entertainment for your event. Whether you’re organising a corporate event, an awards show, or a private party, event entertainment is a great way to keep your guests…entertained!

Here are 10 event entertainment ideas that will really surprise your guests.

1. Event Walls

event entertainment ideas event wall

An event wall? Really? Yes, if used correctly you will get great reactions by simply putting up an event wall that adds style and character to your event. Whether it’s used to promote your brand or simply look stylish, a bespoke event wall can help your event stand out as soon as your guests arrive. This could also be a great place for attendees to take selfies and ‘red carpet-like’ images of themselves.

2. Living Topiary

Event Entertainment ideas Living Topiary
Did we say stand out from the crowd? We meant that literally. You see with Living Topiary on hand, your event will really spring to life. What at first appears to be human-shaped hedges, are in fact hedge-shaped humans. They can happily walk around your venue, waving, hugging and generally putting a smile on the faces of your guests. A unique novelty act!

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3. Silhouette Artist

Event Entertainment Ideas silhouette
Stuck in a conversation at the back of the room? Strolling acts are perfect for making sure that nobody misses the fun by coming to you! There are various types of wandering acts including magicians and caricaturists, but we have found that a silhouette artist gets a great reaction as it’s generally something attendees have never experienced. A form of art extremely popular at the beginning of the twentieth century, guests have their profile cut into paper and stuck onto a card for them to take home. This is a perfect momento your guests can take to remember all the fun they had at your event!

4. Edible Mist Orbs

Event Entertainment Ideas edible mist
Many parties make do with basic nibbles, whilst catering companies serve up dishes that unfortunately we’ve all tried before; risotto anyone? Change things up with edible mist orbs, allowing your guests to literally taste the air! Pop a straw in your mouth, breathe in the air from the orb, and see what flavour you get. Mint? Apple? Cheesecake? It could be one of many different flavours. The best bit thing about these are you can even put in a request for a bespoke flavour to be made!

5. Alula

Event Entertainment Ideas alula
This is an interesting one because truth be told, just one roue cyr is normally enough to stun guests. This is an interesting circus act where the performer climbs in and around a gigantic hoop, pulling off incredible feats of athleticism and acrobatics. Multiply this act by three and you have Alula, the only (as far as we know) roue cyr trio in the country. It’s spellbinding, spectacular and serene.

6. Acrochaps

Event Entertainment Ideas 2
If acrobatics are your thing and you want your guests to get involved, why not take a look at the Acrochaps? These three gentlemen circus performers walk amongst your party dressed in Victorian entertainer garb – something you might find in your great grandma’s beach snaps from years gone by. With a whole host of moustaches to switch between, the ‘Chaps are always dapper, always funny and always absolutely dashing. Spiffing entertainment!

7. Glow Show

Event Entertainment Ideas glow show
The glow show is a spellbinding display of technical prowess and a multitude of coloured lights. If you’re looking for perfect photo opportunities to be shared on social media and beyond, then this is exactly the act you’re after with incredible images emerging from the combination of two jugglers and two world class hula hoop artists. Elegant and extraordinary, this is a visual feast of choreographed colour to be remembered long into the night.

8. iCube

Event Entertainment Ideas icube
What’s better than a performer juggling? The answer is of course, a performer juggling with a burning object in their hands! This is exactly what you get with iCube, a unique act that sets a cube of metal aflame before allowing it to be twirled, thrown and twisted through the air. It goes without saying that you shouldn’t try this one at home.

9. Fire Tuba

event entertainment ideas fire tuba
Another act you shouldn’t try at home, Fire Tuba is the brilliant combination of fire and classical music. Every time the tuba player plays a note, a burst of flame emanates from his instrument. This is not a serious act – so don’t go making requests as he plays! Both corporate and private clients alike are often unsure whether to laugh or clap uproariously. Our tip? Do both.

10. Spark!

Event Entertainment Ideas3
There’s nothing quite like Spark! They combine LEDs, incredible costumes and of course, some good old fashioned banging of drums. This visual feast for the eyes is the type of entertainment that nobody imagines exists until they see it, and you can bet your bottom dollar that well over half of your attendees will have their phones out ready to take a quick picture before they’ve even finished the first minute of their routine.


There are a whole host of different types of entertainment out there to suit your occasion. In fact the only limit is probably your imagination!

If we’ve inspired you with these ideas, then no matter what the budget, we at Sternberg Clarke endeavour to create the perfect event for you. Check out our website and get in touch for more information!

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