Access over 4,000 apps that event creators love — without ever leaving your event page

New year, new events, new resolutions. Is being more efficient one of yours? 

Introducing Eventbrite’s improved integration with Zapier — allowing you to connect to over 4,000 apps, get dynamic suggestions for Eventbrite Zaps that other creators like you are using, and manage all of your Eventbrite Zaps directly from your event. 

Zapier App Relaunch Screenshot

No more static Eventbrite Zap suggestions. No more toggling between apps while you juggle your tasks. No more unnecessary (and annoying) timesucks. Just a smooth, seamless workflow with all of your apps in one spot. 

With Eventbrite’s Zapier integration, you can now: 

Zapier in Action
  • Connect your Eventbrite workflow with other tools you already use like Slack, Google Drive, Gmail, or Twitter 
  • Automatically save your attendees to Google sheets, publish events to Google Cal, LinkedIn and Twitter, and set up Slack notifications and channel messages for new orders
  • View and manage all the Zaps you’ve built right inside Eventbrite
  • Access and connect with over 4,000 apps that other event creators are taking advantage of to boost productivity

Learn more about our latest Zapier integration and see how our enhancements will drive efficiency and give you more time and energy to create great events. 

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