With our calendars packed with in-person and virtual gatherings, it’s easy to forget about events you were looking forward to. That’s why your attendees rely on your emails. When people buy tickets to your events, they wait for the email confirmation. The day of the event, they look for a reminder. 

Email is the workhorse of digital marketing. But too often, email gets taken for granted. Maybe it’s because it doesn’t come with the broad visibility of social ads. Maybe it’s because you haven’t felt inspired by an email in a while.

Now is the time to change that. Eventbrite Boost makes it easier than ever to reach and grow your audience – especially with our new email limits. Send up to 6,000 emails per day for just half the cost of other email platforms. (And send up to 2,000 emails per day with the free plan.) In short: higher send limit, lower price.

Check out these seven ways to press Send smarter.

1. Send a welcome email

The average open rate for welcome emails is a staggeringly high 82% (61% higher than the average open rate). Don’t waste your shot – use that welcome email to introduce fans to your events, your brand, and, of course, your authentic voice.

2. Trust your voice

If you host comedy shows, let the jokes fly. Teach cooking classes? Include a sample recipe. Host events that support social movements? State your values. The more of you attendees see in your emails, the more likely they’ll be to read on (and ticket up for upcoming events).

3.  Understand the volume

According to Statista, 333.2 billion emails are expected to be sent in 2022. Inbox strain is real, which is another reason to be sure your emails stand out. 

To stand out, be true to your event and send emails with purposeful messaging. Respect your audience – and their time. Most importantly, make sure the content of your email is clear, informative, relevant, and actionable (if needed). 

4. Understand the value, too

72% of customers consider email their preferred method of communication. Whether you’re following up with a post-event satisfaction survey or sending a bulletin of upcoming events with your retargeting list, you can be certain that you’re speaking attendees’ language of choice.

5. Try a newsletter

In the past year, Google searches for Substack newsletters are up 500%. If you’ve got a knack for writing and love sharing with your attendees (links, videos, news roundups, recipes – you name it!), creating an email newsletter is a great way to nurture engagement.

6. Supplement with social ads

A crucial way to reach people who aren’t on your email lists (yet)? Running ads on social networking sites lets you promote your events to the right people. Think about it: with more than 500 million daily users, Instagram is prime real estate for ads. By using Eventbrite Boost to create your ad campaigns, you’re able to target people who’ve already attended your events  (and subscribed to your email lists).

7. Count on Eventbrite Boost for email and beyond

Danny Minch, who runs Clovis Comedy Scene’s events, likens Boost to a “1, 2, 3 punch:” create your event on Eventbrite, your event is automatically added to Facebook, you set up your ad on Boost. Event creation to event marketing in minutes. (And setting up an email campaign is just as speedy.)

Eventbrite Boost gives you the benefits of Facebook and Instagram ads without the clunky ads managers. Plus, it’s never cost less to send more emails. Get started with Boost today.

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