You know you want your events to stand out – but do you have all the tools you need to make it happen Eventbrite’s free online event management courses are designed to give you just that. Our event planning courses help you build knowledge that applies to planning in-person, virtual, and hybrid events. This education works for any theme, too. Explore topics like event sponsorship and marketing to broaden your knowledge as a creator. Plus, ongoing Eventbrite Academy courses offer tips and tricks for using the platform successfully.

Best of all, these Eventbrite training courses are completely free. Some courses end with a test that allows you to earn an Eventbrite certificate that confirms your education. Certification can give sponsors and other stakeholders confidence in you because it shows you’re a trained and experienced creator.

Win sponsors with our Event Sponsorship Course

Eventbrite’s sponsorship course helps you develop the skills you need to win sponsors and manage activations for your event. Chris Baylis, president and CEO of The Sponsorship Collective, teaches you important information about securing sponsors and building lasting relationships with them.

The online Event Sponsorship Course is split up into five sections. First, you’ll learn how to research, find, pitch, and win over potential sponsors using technology and event data. Then, the course dives into ways to design sponsorship packages and how to identify the value of your sponsorship assets so you can come up with a price that appeals to your sponsor and supports your event. Next, you’ll learn how to design activations to meet sponsor goals and incorporate sponsors into your event.

The final sections of the Event Sponsorship Course focus on sponsor management. You’ll receive helpful guidance on how to develop mutually beneficial relationships with sponsors, along with key tips on how to keep those sponsors happy so that they’ll sign on year after year. Finally, you’ll learn how to compile your ROI and use this data to renew current sponsors or attract new ones for your next event. At the end of the course, you’ll take a quiz to test your knowledge of event sponsorship and receive your event sponsorship certification, which will prove useful as you search for sponsors for your next event.

Maximise your understanding of every element of event sponsorships by signing up for Eventbrite’s Event Sponsorship Course.

Boost ticket sales with the Eventbrite Event Marketing Course

Knowing how to market your event can impact how many attendees you attract and how many tickets you sell. Improve your understanding of event marketing by signing up for Eventbrite’s Event Marketing Course, which teaches you the essential elements of event promotion.

This five-part course is taught by expert instructors from the Eventbrite team, including managers of social media, performance marketing, SEO, and channel marketing. Learning from these experts will help you gain actionable strategies for building a marketing plan for your event.

First, you’ll learn how to use social media to effectively market your event. This topic will focus on selecting the right networks for your brand and writing social media copy that sells. Next, you’ll discover the advantages of paid advertising. You’ll learn how to choose the best ad strategies for your event and how to measure ROI to better optimise your ads.

The third topic of this event marketing course is event discovery. You’ll learn about how to use event discovery sites to broaden your event’s reach and attract more attendees. In addition, you’ll learn how to rank on Google and create an offline PR strategy for your event.

The course also focuses on email marketing – and how to better use it. You can analyze your current email marketing campaigns to identify what works and what needs tweaking. Then, you’ll discover ways to make your emails so engaging that people will want to open them and read your content.

The final topic in this course discusses website conversion. You’ll learn how to build an engaging event site that can build your brand and attract interested attendees. You’ll also learn how to design an efficient ticket-buying process that delivers results and maximises sales. You’ll wrap up the course by completing a test to show what you learned, which will result in your receiving your certification.

If you’re not tapping into various marketing channels to broaden your event’s reach, now’s the time. Sign up for this Eventbrite Marketing Course to master marketing for your next event.

Keep your skills up to date with the Eventbrite Event Academy

Eventbrite Academy offers regular sessions hosted by Eventbrite’s expert teams to help creators like you build on your Eventbrite knowledge and always be informed of new features that can make Eventbrite even more useful. Tap into these regular Eventbrite Academy sessions to learn how to upgrade both your skills and your events. Course recaps are available if you need a refresher later on. Plus, these Academy courses allow you to connect with Eventbrite experts and other creators to get your questions answered and ensure you’re making the most of Eventbrite.

Some regular Eventbrite Academy events include:

  • Getting Started on Eventbrite: This course is designed for new creators who want to learn the basics about Eventbrite. Our experts walk you through how to confirm your order settings, set up payment and refund policies, and allow for social sharing to better promote your event.
  • How to Grow Your Attendance: Our experts highlight the benefits of a post-event review, including gathering data and insights that can help you make improvements next time.
  • Get Your Event Noticed – SEO 101: This course focuses on how to improve your event’s visibility on Eventbrite. Our experts offer strategies for improving SEO so that your event populates in search results, which extends its reach.
  • Pre-Event Checklist: This course helps ensure that you have all the tools you need to host a successful event. You’ll learn about the Eventbrite Organizer app, which can help streamline on-site event management.

Boost your knowledge with free event planning courses for a successful event

As the world’s leading event management platform, Eventbrite can help creators like you succeed. Eventbrite courses allow you to learn how to use every aspect of Eventbrite to extend your event’s reach. Plus, Eventbrite’s free courses serve as invaluable resources, delivering the training you need to build your knowledge as an event planner.

Plan, launch, and manage events on Eventbrite. You can build the perfect event with an accessible and easy-to-navigate event page on Eventbrite. Event management software allows you to engage with your audiences, drive demand, and establish long-lasting relationships with attendees. Finally, you can promote further engagement based on key data captured by Eventbrite and available for your analysis.

Tap into everything Eventbrite has to offer by exploring our event management software.