In 2020, virtual events took off. As societies around the world went into quarantine, and we couldn’t get together in person anymore, event creators and attendees found new ways to connect on Eventbrite. Even as in-person events have begun to return to our service, we’re finding that the success of virtual experiences has fundamentally changed the events landscape. Virtual events, our data suggests, aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

We will cover:

  • Online event trends – are they here to stay?
  • Why online events can be a new revenue stream for your business
  • How event creators are leveraging online events
  • Case studies from online event creators and how much they charge
  • How to think through the costs of an online event vs. face to face event
  • How eventbrite can help you sell out your next event
  • Q&A (please pre-submit your questions)


This webinar and accompanying materials are provided for general information only and are not medical, legal, or professional advice. You are responsible for assessing and implementing the appropriate safety and security measures to be taken at your event(s) and for assuring compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and orders. Eventbrite expressly disclaims liability for any loss or damage that results from any application of or reliance upon, anything in this webinar by you, your agents, or your guests. Please consult your legal counsel, insurance advisor, and other professionals for tailored advice on your legal obligations and how to mitigate risk at your events.

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