eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Uber, AirBnB, Eventbrite and blur Group.

They all have something in common – they’re popular, successful marketplaces.

But what is a marketplace? Why are they so popular? And how can they help an event organiser like you sell more tickets?

What are marketplaces?

In the simplest terms, marketplaces are where buyers and sellers come together at a designated place for an exchange of business. Too academic?

For customers they’re where you go to buy stuff – goods or services – if you need something in particular. So if you need second hand electronic parts you will probably check out eBay; if you’re going to a new city for a new days, you’ll probably check out AirBnB for a room.

For sellers they’re the perfect place to drum up new business because you know that anyone on a particular marketplace has a high intent to buy what you’re selling. For example if someone is browsing Eventbrite, chances are they’re looking for an event to attend (and not to buy a new washing machine!).

What does this have to do with me?

Basically, if you’re an event organiser, you’d use a marketplace like Eventbrite to list your event because you know any customers on our site are looking for something to do, like attending an event (hopefully yours).

If they’re on Facebook, Twitter or even Google, they could be there fore so many other reasons, like chatting to friends, catching up with the news or researching their homework, the chances are they’re not on those sites to buy what you’re selling.

This means the ability to get their attention and have them purchase a ticket to your event is much more difficult – and potentially expensive – than if they’re on Eventbrite where they’re specifically looking for interesting events.

The same principle works on sites like blur Group, Etsy and Amazon, which is why they’re so huge and popular – people go to them to buy what they need and for no other reason.

In essence, marketplaces are an incredibly efficient, low-cost and effective way to sell your goods or services – in this case your event tickets.

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How can I make the most of them for my events?

The only thing you’ve got to be aware of with popular marketplaces is there will still be quite a lot of competition on them (who wouldn’t want to use a marketplace, after all?!)

You therefore can’t just list whatever it is you’re selling and hope for the best, as your competitors are probably making their offering more tempting.

So, for your events on Eventbrite, you should be doing some basic things to ensure you stand out and make the most of being listed on a site where millions of visitors come to find events to attend.

Here is a super-simple checklist to ensure you’re covering off the basics:


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