We’ve heard you loud and clear – finding new ways to reach your people is key to the success of your event. We recently launched Paid Social Ads to help find and grow your community via ads on Facebook and Instagram. Today, we’re excited to tell you about updates to our Add to Facebook feature.  

As a refresher, with Add to Facebook, you can publish your Eventbrite event to Facebook in minutes, and your attendees can buy tickets or register without ever leaving Facebook. This means more people can discover and attend your event, and you can sell more tickets. 

With this update, we’ve improved four key areas, making Add to Facebook even simpler to use.

1. Set up your event in three easy steps 

The new, intuitive design improves the process of publishing your event to Facebook. Rather than seeing everything in a long list, these designs take you through one step at a time. It’s still a quick setup–you’ll be done in minutes.

2. Better understand what can be published on Facebook

Some Eventbrite event and ticket types are not compatible with Facebook. We’ve added clear guidance on what is eligible to appear on Facebook, so you always know what to expect as you set up your events.

3. Create and review a draft Facebook Event

Want to preview your Facebook Event before it goes live? No problem. You can now publish a draft event on Facebook and ensure that your event image, title, and description all look the way you want before it’s out in the wild. Publish when you’re ready – show the world only the final version of your Facebook event.

4. Publish to Facebook around your schedule 

You can now schedule your event to go live on Eventbrite and on Facebook at the same time. Have an event that you want to announce at 6am?  Hit the snooze button and let us do it automatically.

Try it out

Try out the new experience today. Visit the manage your event page in your Eventbrite account. From your event dashboard, find “Invite & Promote” in the left-hand navigation, and select Add to Facebook.

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