Hosting an event online gives you the opportunity to reach bigger audiences at a lower cost. It also lifts the geographical limits – instead of just attracting people who live nearby or can travel to your event easily, you can reach interested parties on the other side of the world.

Like live events, online events need good marketing and promotion behind them to be a success. Here’s how to get people from all around the globe interested in attending your online event.

Email your contacts with the Email Attendees app

Lots of people are going to be at home over the coming weeks, so now is the perfect time to re-engage past attendees. If they’ve previously attended your events or signed up to your website’s newsletter, they’re likely to be interested in future events. Eventbrite users can use the Email Attendees app (formerly known as to create smart-looking email campaigns. You can also target potential guests based on which of your earlier events they came to.

Promote your event through search with Paid Social Ads

Search engines and social media have access to a lot of data. By paying to advertise on these platforms, you can tap into this data and reach out to people who haven’t necessarily heard of you. With automated ad campaigns for Facebook and Instagram, you can target the audiences most likely to attend your event by location or by interest. Eventbrite users can handle the marketing themselves with our Paid Social Ads app, previously known as ToneDen. You can create campaigns in minutes, find your audience and make sure your ad budget is being spent on the best-performing ads.

Ask guests to register or buy tickets online with Eventbrite

Eventbrite makes it easy to buy tickets – or register for free – online. Our remote event options mean prospective guests can sign up for your event wherever they are in the world, giving you the opportunity to build up your audience. Once you’ve created your event on our site you can add your event registration link to your website and email newsletter to enable potential attendees to move down the sales funnel easily.

Track leads from your events with Hubspot

Hosting your event online makes it easier to track data that you can use to advertise future events, or show sponsors that you have a dedicated audience. The HubSpot app takes every event registration on Eventbrite and turns them into HubSpot contacts and records their data. This gives you the chance to upsell to attendees, nurture people who have registered and re-engage with no-shows. You can also get a good idea of how they’ve interacted with your company before attending the event, and receive detailed ROI reports after it ends.

Use Zoom to broadcast your event

Once you’re ready to roll, you’ll need some software that can handle all of your guests. While Skype and WhatsApp are fine for small gatherings, it’s best to use dedicated webinar software like Zoom for larger events. This platform integrates easily with Eventbrite, and has a password-protected function that is especially handy if you’re planning to charge money for event tickets.

Are you ready to bring your event to the world?

With superfast fibre broadband and 5G being rolled out across the country, bringing communities together online is easier than ever. If you’re ready to host an event online, find out how Eventbrite for Organisers can help.

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