Targeting the right audience for your events is a science. Take music fans as an example: The audience for a punk concert can differ from the audience for an opera festival from the audience for a metal bash. And a Billie Eilish fan may or may not be interested in Paramore. 

Every event marketing plan is built around the audience. The people you want to attend your events are the people you’re targeting with everything from your email campaigns to your contests.

So how do you crack the code on who to target to sell more tickets to your events? 

Developing a strong targeting strategy is a challenge for most event organizers. You need to add interests that help Facebook find potential attendees eager to check out your event. To do this, you need to understand how your audience is described in Facebook’s terms. And if you’ve spent any time in Ads Manager, you know decoding those terms is rarely easy and often changing.

When you run ads on social media with our marketing platform, Eventbrite Boost, you have millions of potential attendees at your fingertips. And Boost’s new Smart Audiences tool brings the targeting science to you. Now you can add Smart Audiences to any ad you run through Boost. Powered by Eventbrite’s exclusive data, Smart Audiences makes it easy to find new attendees, connect with them through your social advertising, and sell out your events. 

See how Smart Audiences can help you supercharge your targeting

Target smarter with exclusive Eventbrite insights

People in Smart Audiences are more likely to register for your events. Smart Audiences use exclusive Eventbrite data to match you with the right people for your events. Having helped organisers host millions of events, we know what type of events people attend. Smart Audiences is composed of proven event attendees, with traits common to your event attendees. 

Build a bigger audience

When you add Smart Audiences to your ad campaign, you’re reaching new people – attendees who aren’t in your existing audience but should be. These people aren’t on your email list. They don’t follow you on social media (yet). Boost’s new Smart Audience tool makes it easier for you to find new fans

Run more effective marketing campaigns 

Smart Audiences and Boost’s Paid Social Ads are a perfect match. Boost’s Paid Social Ads give creators a simple, automated way to generate ad campaigns for events. All it takes is one click for you to show that next loyal attendee your ad.

Smart Audiences bring Eventbrite data to the event organisers who can leverage it. Unleash your targeting power with Eventbrite Boost today.