With Culture Night behind us and Fringe Festival drawing to a close, you will need your weekly dose of things to do in Dublin this week! Look no further as we roll out a list of quirky events for you to try your hand at. With award ceremonies, smart comedy, musical robots and brain control, we truly do have something for each and everyone of you!

Pure M Awards


A night filled with up and coming music talent. Get all the joy of a high end award ceremony for completely free. Set in the sumptuous surroundings of Opium Room, dress fancy and listen to; Nella, The Shades, The New Social , The Dyatonics, Black Svan, Mannequin Sex Drive, Chase The River and GlassGears.

Where: Opium Rooms, Wexford Street
Date & Time: Saturday, September 26th @ 7:00pm
Cost: Free

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A Tour of the Brain


The human brain forms the basis of who we are and how we perceive the world as well as helping us decide how to live in the world. Given the central role that the brain plays in our life, this event wants to give a tour of the brain and the tools used to measure it. The tour sees you visiting the MRI facilities to learn how brain activity is measured. You will also look at 3D virtual reality visualisation techniques to see the different parts of the brain.

Where: Lloyd Institute, Trinity College
Date & Time: Friday 25th September
Cost: Free

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Tech Noir: Terminator Screening and After Party


Terminator Screening and after party set in a 1980s Lazer Dystopia as they transform the Generator into Tech Noir, the infamous night club from Terminator. 31 years since the civilised world was all but obliterated. The levees have long since dried up, the crops shriveled and life as it was has changed utterly. The urban landscape is one not to be reckoned with, although cyborgs have been pushed back into hiding, the stench of cyber desolation still hangs strongly in the smog dense air.

Where: Generator Hostel, Smithfield
Date & Time: Saturday 26th September @ 10pm
Cost: From €8

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Bright Night


Excellent concept where smart individuals in areas of intense research become comedians just for one night. Turning what would be very serious conversions into a lighter take on these topics. Thus it transforms them into easily digestive nuggets of interesting information. Have a laugh and learn something new.

Where: 4 Dame Lane, Dame Lane
Date & Time: Wednesday 23rd September @ 7:30pm
Cost: €5

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Mind Controlled Computers


Essentially, you’ll get to control things with your mind. That is truly awesome, geek or not! The purpose of this workshop is to highlight the latest developments in BCI and explore how it can be effectively used for human machine interaction. This workshop covers the major methodological approaches, technical issues, current and future applications, opportunities and limitations, current trends and more. Attendees will get familiar with changes in the brain’s activity patterns when different mental tasks are performed. You’ll learn how a BCI system measures brain signals, captures the relevant changes in brain patterns, and decodes them into commands for communication or controlling a device. 

Where: Lloyd Institute, Trinity College
Date & Time: Friday, 25th September @ 5:00pm
Cost: Free

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DVS1 @ District 8



One of the top recommendations for this week is DVS1. Zak aka DVS1, continues to move floors with a combination of deep musical knowledge, unparalleled enthusiasm, and a vinyl collection of more than 30,000 records. Zak’s deep roots and his bold and uncompromising nature have won him great respect as a passionate and outspoken defender and promoter of quality music.

Where: District 8, Tivoli Theatre, Francis Street
Date & Time: Friday, 25th September @ 11:00pm
Cost: From €15

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Box Beating


At Bestival in 2014, I stumbled across an interactive drum machine where you slammed panels with other festival revellers to make a tune. Instantly, people began to play in tune with each other and the result was fascinating. Ever since, I’ve been into interactive instruments with a twist and this is one that is a perfect fit. BoxBeater is a fun instrument that lets you percussively play robotic sounds using a pair of Wii ‘Nunchuk’ controllers. The project explores the application of inexpensive contemporary physical computing platforms to music performance. The instrument is designed as a standalone unit that has the appearance of a toy robot.

Where: Aras na Phiarsaigh, Trinity College
Date & Time: Friday, 25th September @ 4:00pm
Cost: Free

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Coffee Tasting


The lovely people at Krust bakery are giving you the opportunity to try out their Marley Organic Coffee. They’ve just started to stock it and want you to try it for free to see just how good it is. Can’t complain with free coffee now can we?!

Where: 6 S. Great Georges Street, Dublin 2
Date & Time: Tuesday, 22nd September @ 7:30-9am
Cost: Free

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The Winter Passing


The Winter Passing are definitely ones to watch. I’ve put them here as it may be your one shot to see them before paying an absolute fortune down the line. Their EP launch also sees support acts like; Chewing on Tinfoil, Kate’s Party and Driveway so you are truly in for a real treat!

Where: The Grand Social, Lower Liffey Street
Date & Time: Saturday 26th September from 8:00pm
Cost: €10

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For regular updates on what’s going on around Dublin and beyond be sure to check out Eventbrite. If you have any event suggestions just tweet me @williammeara!

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