Conversion is Key: How to Sell More Tickets with Simple Strategies [Webinar]

If you’re looking to sell more tickets and grow your events, meet the one metric to obsess over: your conversion rate.  But what is conversion? Although it may not sound that exciting, your conversion rate is a critical, make-or-break metric for reaching maximum ticket sales and attendance for your event.

The success of every email you send, ad campaign you launch, or tweet you post lies in your ability to convert casual viewers into buyers. And this doesn’t just mean getting them to click—it means efficiently guiding them all the way through the sales transaction process.

In this teaser video, we’ll talk more about what conversion is, how it’s calculated, and why you should be obsessed with this metric if you want to run a successful event marketing campaign.

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In the full video, you’ll learn more about how to grow your event with effective conversion, including:

  • How to design your ticketing and registration process to encourage sales
  • How to convert more buyers on mobile, where 25% of your traffic comes from
  • How to set up your most important marketing channels for success

“Conversion is the single most important metric if you’re selling something online.”

Check it out to find out how to use surprisingly simple conversion strategies to boost your bottom line.

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