As we all know in the events industry, time is precious; we have to choose carefully what we are spending our time on and how much we invest in different tasks to ensure we are being efficient and using our time wisely.

The same can be said about money; we have budgets we need to work with in order to make sure we get the most bang for our buck. In most instances, we also need to show the ROI on what we’ve been spending money on.

With the above in mind, we asked a number of Eventprofs what they were investing in this year and what impact they believe it will have on the development of their businesses and events.

Victoria Archbold, Director of Events and Sponsorship at Hearst Magazines UK

“As the Hearst Live team continues to rapidly expand much of my time is spent on recruitment of staff.  We look firstly for someone with the right attitude.  This is complemented by the skill to deliver the best content in the market.  To do this they need to understand their audience; what they want from our brands, where and when they want it and how to deliver it. Beyond this the talented event personnel will also be able to add the unexpected, that surprise that provides that talkability factor, that social share, it’s at this point the digital amplification kicks in and you reach more than just your live audience.”

Alex Shebar, London Community Director at Yelp 

“This year, we’re investing our time on people. New tech and toys and apps are fantastic but they all lead towards one thing: building your community and growing their interest; engagement and excitement about what you’re doing. We’re doubling down on things we’ve loved in the past: fun events where people can meet and like each other in person, phone calls, even handwritten notes. Anything that authentically connects with people. We’re going old school for the future.”

Daniel Lowe, Co-founder of Fourpure

“Our event spend will continue to focus on building a relationship with people who love great beer, and these events are taking many forms. We have a long list of events planned this year already, ranging from major international beer festivals to tap takeovers in bars and pubs around the country, and all sorts in between. We are also expanding the number of events in our own tap room in Bermondsey. One of the most exciting will be a series of talks by adventurers tying in with our ‘Inspired by Adventure’ tagline. All will be listed on Eventbrite of course!”

Alan Newton, Founder & COO at Eventopedia

“We’ve seen the emergence of Virtual Reality (VR) as a trend in the events industry, with a number of use cases in the automotive, tech, travel, and FMCG sectors specifically.  It’s by no means mainstream yet, but we’ve taken the decision to invest in adding VR to our Eventopedia Media digital solutions as part of our content production capability, which is a natural addition to our award winning interactive video production.  We’re finding it’s an exciting time for video content production and are discussing some interesting projects for live events across the full spectrum of our video production capability – linear, interactive, and virtual.”

Anita Engebretsen, Senior Account Manager- Events & Creative at EMC3

“We have heavily invested in new technologies, platforms and software to increase productivity and communication internally. Equally, the team spend invaluable time researching new technologies, venue openings, and suppliers to keep ahead of the curve. Our focus has been on the team – ensuring that we maintain our strong company identity, culture, and produce exemplary work all the while having a great time. We have also invested in employee training including Health and Safety and First Aid Training accreditation.”

Maria Schuett, Head of Marketing at Central Hall Westminster

“Clients are extremely savvy when it comes to technology so we will continue to invest in this area with our production partner White Light.  This relationship has already created opportunities with such amazing things as ultra HD 4k projection, permanent screen installations and advanced networking capabilities which not only link rooms within the venue, but also allow clients to present their event worldwide if required.

“Operating events in a Grade II listed building requires ongoing investment in the historic fabric which will again be a priority in the coming year.  This gives a beautiful historic environment that improves, rather than degenerates with age which is critical for our success.”

Lena  Lindstrom, Director of Product & Online Marketing at Wool  & The Gang

“At Wool and the Gang we have used Eventbrite to promote our knitting parties for two years, and it’s been a fantastic way to introduce a new audience to our brand. This year we’re focusing on building really strong relationships with our ‘core’ and best performing venues. Venues that can happily host and help co-promote our parties, which we’ve found helps drive sales and drive local presence. By building great relationships with venues we can work together to bring new business to their bars/hotels/cafes, run our regular parties, try out a whole range of new types of parties + even run last minute PR events. Some venues have even agreed to wholesale our products!”

Angela Tupper, Marketing Director of 8 Northumberland Avenue

“I’m delighted to see that some of the tech projects we’re investing in this year are supported in Eventbrite’s Event Industry Pulse Report, with 34% of organisers planning on using wearable technology.

“We will be showcasing our VR project in the coming months, but unlike our competitors, we’re not just working with a partner to sell this product to organisers, we’re investing in this tech ourselves. We have a long-standing commitment to event technology which contributed to us winning ‘Most Innovative and Tech Friendly Venue’ at the Event Tech Awards last year.

“We’ve also found from our past tech projects that this approach not only provides us with valuable insight into how new tech works in events, and the ROI it can provide, but also helps makes it more accessible to our clients by driving down costs.

“As London’s most central event venue, we’re also delighted that Eventbrite’s Report supports the feedback we have from our clients that our location is the most important factor for organisers when choosing a venue.”

What are you investing in this year? Feel free to share below or tweet us your response at @EventbriteIE!

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