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11 Plus Revision Courses Online - CSSE, CEM, GL- 3 Intensive Summer Courses

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Help them Pass the 11 Plus with:11 Plus intensive online Summer revision courses. Created by myself and a retired examiner. CSSE, CEM & GL

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These are the 11 things you get with one of my 11 Plus Online Intensive Revision Courses!

✅ My 11+ revision courses that cover not just one Exam board paper but 3! CSSE, CEM and GL! I also let my students choose which mock exams they want to take, either based on the CSEE, CEM or GL papers

✅ These 11 plus revision course that has been set up by myself and a retired examiner that is unique only to us. That means the specially created 11+ mock exam test papers ARE NOT PAST PAPERS! like a lot of other 11 plus mock exam centres use.

✅ Your child will get the best 11 plus intensive revision course tuition available- I am an 11 plus catch up specialist which means I know the best methods and techniques to help your child succeed. On the other end of the academic scale I have tutored children that have been accepted into MENSA and prestigious Grammar Schools. This means I can adapt my tutoring methods to suit your child's specific needs.

✅ Everyone of my 11+ students have achieved better exam grades under my tutoring. As long as your child has a desire to improve they always do!

✅ I was one of the early pioneers of online tutoring and have trained a lot of my fellow teachers in using online software in an effective manner.

✅ One big advantage to having the courses all online is that I can record them for your child to either watch again -I don't record the children just myself on all the videos. If your child misses a day of the course for any reason it's not like pre Covid-19 where I would only just give you notes - now you get the video recording of that missed session. How cool is that?

✅ When all 3 online Summer intensive revision crash courses are finished I conducts a free 2 hour video recorded feedback session which goes over all the difficult questions from the mock exams, which like previously mentioned your child can watch at their leisure and help them understand better any areas they are still having difficulties with.

✅ Each parent also get 5 minutes verbal feedback on your child's progress after the 11 Plus intensive online revision course and mock tests have ended.

✅ My experience as an exam invigilator for secondary schools and for the Open University has helped me offer your child a better and more realistic 11 Plus mock exams experience than they might get elsewhere.

✅ Going forward I can (if needed) offer bespoke online tuition(at an extra cost) to your child after they have finished an intensive11 plus online revision course.

✅ Lastly, with me your child will get confidence.....I believe any child can reach their full potential. Let's get started! :)

⭐️Three11 Plus Online Intensive Revision Courses to Choose from⭐️

Half Term Online Crash Course with 11 Plus mock exam included:

From: 1st to 4th June

Time: 9.45am to 12.30 (15 minute break for drinks, snacks and comfort break)

Location: Online

Summer Online Crash Course with 11 Plus mock exam included:

From: 3rd to 6th August 2021

Time: 9.45am to 12.30 (15 minute break for drinks, snacks and comfort break)

Location: Online

Summer Online Crash Course with 11 Plus mock exam included:

From: 23rd to 26th August 2021

Time: 9.45am to 12.30 (15 minute break for drink, snacks and comfort break)

Location: Online

A quick summary

✅ My 11 Plus intensive online Sumer revision crash course offers the best course around - Revision covering all aspects of the CSSE, CEM and GL exam papers.

✅ At the end of each revision course there is mock exam to help reduce exam anxiety and discover which areas your child needs to revise more in.

✅ You get 5 minutes of personal feedback on top of the 2 hour feedback session I provide which goes through all the areas your child might need to improve on.

✅ No other 11 plus online revision course can come close to what I can offer your child - this could be the best investment you have made today in your child's future!

10 Things you get with me

✅ Your child learns important exam techniques to help them get more marks on test papers , which reduces the chances of them losing marks especially through nerves and inexperience.

✅ I cover all 4 main areas of the 11+ (Maths, English, Verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning).

✅ They get real exam practice through one of the unique papers I have created with a retired examiner. With the tests held under strict exam like conditions. Much more effective than past papers!

✅ The online revision courses are suitable for all students sitting a CSSE, CEM or GL paper.

✅ Over 4 days your child takes part in an intensive course. They get a total of 7 and a half hours of 11 plus revision with me and on the last day take a mock test.

✅ After the online intensive revision courses end I follow up with a 2 hour review where I cover all the questions in the exam, highlighting the areas most students found difficult. This will be recorded on video so you or your child can watch it as many times as you need to.

✅ After I have marked all the mock exam papers I give you a report of their raw scores and their mock exam papers are returned to you, so that your child can brush up on the areas that need improvement.

✅ My aim is to make sure your child will not only be more prepared but also be more confident and less anxious about the 11 Plus exams.

✅ For extra all round reassurance your child can take up to 3 intensive online revision courses. I also have five 11 Plus mock exams available to book separately too! All can be booked here or on one of my Eventbrite listings.

✅ Most importantly, you get an improvement in your child's chances of passing the 11 Plus.

Your Child gets a better chance of passing with my 11 Plus online intensive revision crash courses!

We all want the best in life for our children and if there is a way we can guide them in the right direction then we will. Currently just leaving it to the schools or getting your child to revise on their own isn't 9 times out 10 isn't going to stack the deck the deck in their favour.

Unfortunately, most children are not in MENSAs who can just breeze through the 11 plus exams without any help.

Practice as they say make perfect! The more you do the better you become. Intensive 11 Plus revision courses are designed to get your child match ready by covering every topic they might encounter in an exam - there is nothing that comes close to this in a school environment or what your child can do at home!

Our Children need some help and guidance along the way to prepare them for what is probably their first ever big exam that actually counts for something. Most children know this and it puts pressure on them whether you realise this or not. I put that pressure on them during the courses I offer and ramp it up with a mock exam that is so realistic that it will show us what we further need to work on. I remove a lot of those nerves most students get before an 11 plus exam because I have already simulated the experience for them and found out what their weakness is certain topics and I give them that confidence they lacked in exam technique and nerves.

I try and take some of those exam fears and pressures away and make them concentrate on the practical side of tests, so that they get used to their layouts and are prepped on how to handle exam style questions. By the end of the revision course they will feel more comfortable tackling and taking exams.

Essentially, I take the nerves away by getting the unknown fear out of their system. Exam techniques covered include time management, question layout and how to break down questions into smaller manageable chunks etc.

By the end of the revision crash course your child will not only be able to identify their weak areas of the 11 Plus, but they will also be able to better manager their exam anxieties with increased confidence through the exam practice and thorough revision preparation that they have undertaken with me.

To reassure your child, after each 11+ online revision course I give feedback on how they did on the course and in the mock exams. I also provide a recording of the course that they can go back through at any time, which is particularly helpful if there is an area of the 11 plus course they want to brush up on again. To top that off I include a 2 hour feedback session (again recorded) of myself going through all the areas I feel let down a lot of the students who took the mock exams.

If your child still needs further guidance I can offer bespoke online tuition (at an extra cost).


For more information and to book an 11 Plus intensive revision course please either click on the "Select a Date" button above or below.

Alternatively, I can be contacted on 📞 =447821437200 or 🌐 info@jacqueline-white.co.uk


🚩 P.S. Don't forget to let me know which paper your child wants to sit: CSSE, CEM or GL. If they want to sit multiple papers from same or different boards just contact me for further details on dates/prices or visit here

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