2019 Shanghai Training: Get Started with Process Optimization and Scale-up

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Golden Tulip Shanghai Rainbow Hotel

2000 Yan'an Road

Shanghai, China 200051


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Two days of hands-on training, using DynoChem to accelerate process development and scale-up projects

About this Event

Join the DynoChem training team for two days of hands-on training, using DynoChem to accelerate process development and scale-up projects. This event will be delivered in English and Chinese. Course materials will be in both languages.

Early-bird registration includes a discount of 10% if you register and pay before 30 Sep 2019.

Training will address DynoChem applications for engineers and scientists in pharmaceutical API process development and manufacturing sites involved in technology transfer, troubleshooting and optimisation of API reaction, workup and isolation steps.




What recent trainees liked best:"There was loads of discussion and interaction, this is a great way to learn.""Freedom to discuss any element of process engineering."Excellent training course, very relevant and pitched at just the right level.""This was my first time using DynoChem but I can immediately see ways in which can use it."

近期参加培训的学员反馈: “培训过程中的直接交流和讨论,是很好的学习方式。”“可以自由讨论过程工程中的基本原理。”“极好的培训课程,对实际工作参考性很强,深度适当。”“这是我第一次使用DynoChem,但通过培训马上可以看到如何在实际工作中应用。”

The standard agenda will cover topics such as:Obtaining physical property values for solvents and mixturesPhase equilibrium calculations for boiling point, identifying azeotropes and miscibilityReactor calculations for heat transfer and mixingOptimising batch distillation / solvent switch operationsScale-up of filtration and centrifugation stepsBasics of DynoChem modelling applicable to reactions and other operations.


Training times will be from 9:00 to 16:30 each day, with total 12 hours of tuition. Trainees will need to bring laptop computers with DynoChem installed. Scale-up Systems will provide DynoChem installation program and training licenses for trainees who have finished registration.

培训时间每天从9:00到16:30,一共12小时的课程。学员需要携带安装DynoChem的计算机,DynoChem具体安装的方式将在注册后提供 (Scale-up Systems将在培训前为完成注册的学员提供DynoChem的安装程序和安装许可)。

Learning objectives:

By the end of the course, trainees will be able to:

Draw and understand process schemes and use them to help think about how to model or design experiments to understand a new or existing process

Use DynoChem utilities to estimate parameter values, compare vessels and ensure minimum agitation criteria are met in lab and plant vessels

Use plant data to determine equipment characteristics, especially heat transferSimulate solid-liquid separation operations based on standard lab experimentsLook up physical properties for pure components and mixtures

Simulate solvent swap / displacement / chasing operations to optimize solvent volumes and cycle time

Generate response surfaces to study process robustness and determine design space for QbD submissions

Understand more about how DynoChem works internally and how it builds the model from user input

Explore other applications and reuse learned skills to tackle other unit operations or create new templates

Interact with the DynoChem support team when starting new projects.










Hotel Accommodation:

The registration fee includes attendance for both days of training, all training materials, coffee breaks and lunch on both days. Hotel accommodation is not included.Local hotels include: Golden Tulip Shanghai Rainbow Hotel. Please contact the hotel separately if you wish to reserve a room.


Refund / cancellation policy

1. Substitutions can be made at any time before the training.

2. For cancellations made in writing up to one week before the training, a full refund will be made, less a financial charge of $100.

3. refunds can be given for cancellations less than one week before the event.

4. Registration is open to DynoChem customers and prospective customers from industry, academia and government.






关于上海培训: 从零开始学习使用DynoChem进行医药化工过程优化和放大,请联系Scale-up Systems。

Date and Time


Golden Tulip Shanghai Rainbow Hotel

2000 Yan'an Road

Shanghai, China 200051


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