30 Day IN-Lightenment Practice for the Spiritually Rebellious

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30 Day IN-Lightenment Practice for the Spiritually Rebellious

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Two things I’m often asked by my clients are:

“How can I connect to my IN-tuition and trust it?”


“How do I know it’s my IN-tuition and not just my imagination?”

To connect to our intuition we have to make time to meet with it, preferably at the same time every day. If you go to a coffee shop each morning, chances are you will get to know the barista and the other clients that frequent the coffee shop at the same time as you. Over time you may develop a sense of familiarity with them, people might get to know your name, and you theirs. You may even strike up a conversation or a new friendship might begin.

This is exactly what it’s like with your intuition, it’s a relationship that takes time to nurture and develop so that it can blossom into something beautiful and strong.

Why is this rebellious?

Because when you learn how to listen to that voice within, your IN-tuition, your IN-ner wisdom, and learn to trust it, you connect to the truth of who you are. You connect to your IN-ner Light. And that is a rebellious act because once you connect to it, know it and trust it, no one can have dominion over you. You are free. Free to be your fully authentic, possibly slightly eccentric self. And that’s a beautiful and IN-Lightening thing.

“Your gift is amazing Catherine, we are blessed because of it.” Claire

Each day for 30 days, starting on July 1st, you will receive an email from me. Reading the email and watching the accompanying video will take you no longer than 10 minutes! That’s 10 minutes each day for 30 days where you will develop a spiritual practice for meeting with and learning to trust your Intuition. Think of it as a coffee date with your soul!

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“Working with Catherine is a lesson in life, where we get to know the essence of ourselves, and to re-engage with spirit in a real and meaningful way.” Charley

“Working with Catherine is a deep, meaningful and beautiful journey where you will fully meet yourself.” Simone

“Catherine is a gifted healer and a guide. Her work is full of love and integrity and helps people deeply connect to their inner strength.” Kamila

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Hit PLAY on the video below to hear me explain about this class.

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