Academic Developers on Theories of Change Workshop

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Academic Developers on Theories of Change Workshop

Academic Developers on Theories of Change Workshop

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H2.40 O'Brien Centre for Science - Hub, University College Dublin, College of Science Dublin Ireland

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Today academic development interventions (pedagogical courses, quality work, consulting, program review, reward for excellence in teaching and others) come in many shapes and forms. This workshop explores various interventions from a systemic perspective and discusses which schools of changes they relate to. The argument is that impact from academic development can increase if various interventions are aligned with each other through a deliberate use of a theory of change. During the workshop participants discuss their experiences of academic development activities and analyse these in relation theories of change. After the workshop participants have enriched their understanding of how clusters of academic development interventions can work together within an higher education organisation.

Torgny Roxå, Associate professor at Lund University, Faculty of Engineering, has 30 years of experience in academic development with a focus on developing quality cultures in higher education organisations. He developed the first pedagogical academy, the Lund ETP, which now runs on its 18th year and inspired around 30 Swedish and international institutions. His research is focused upon strategic change in teaching cultures within higher education organisations, especially significant networks and microcultures.