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Lasciatemi Cantare · Open Mic · Piazza Sempione

Open Mic - Piazza Sempione

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Riverside - Food Sounds Good 12 Viale Gottardo 00141 Roma Italy

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Lasciatemi Cantare · Open Mic · Piazza Sempione

Lasciatemi Cantare OPEN MIC!

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Write a DM on ig:

N.B. All slots are 10 minutes each (e.g. two songs), which includes your set-up time!

Reserve your single * desired slot by clicking the "Select A Date" button and selecting your preferred date, or the green "Register" button (if you are on the right date's event page already)

Arrive by 18:30 pm to be checked-in by the host [important - see below ** ]

Enjoy the music and play when it's your turn!


* To keep things fair to others, please only book 1 slot. If you want friends to sign up, send them the link :)

** Make sure you find the host when you arrive, before 18.30 pm, so they can check you in (don't wait or expect them to come and find you!).


We run warm, friendly, relaxed and welcoming open mics. In order to keep things running smoothly we have a few rules.

By reserving your slot, you agree to:

Be nice and supportive to everyone you meet, and try to stay for all the performers - this is not a competition! Let's help each other :)

Be ready to play, by the stage, when it's your turn (i.e. tuned up, instruments at the ready!)

All slots are subject to last-second change by the host (e.g. if no one wants to go first, everyone might have to move forward one slot!)

Please don't go over your time as you are eating into the other performers' time. The host may well cut your slot mid-performance if you go over your allotted time! (10 mins for the first 15 slots, 5 mins thereafter, including your set-up time).

Though you have a 10 min slot, you are more than welcome to do less (e.g. one song) if you'd prefer

Backing tracks are welcome, but you must bring your own player (e.g. cd player, mp3 player, etc) that has a normal 3.5mm mini-jack headphone socket (like the one on most phones, except new iPhones) that we can plug into (we have the cable)

Respect the "Lasciatemi Cantare" equipment (and anyone else's!) and do your best to look after and be mindful of it.