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D-Light Studios

46 North Great Clarence Street

Dublin 1



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This is Dublin's one-of-a-kind motivational Workshop focused on getting you back into your confident, unstoppable Boss Bitch energy again

About this Event

Are you ready to bring OUT your Inner Boss Bitch?

Bring her out, because actually she has always been in you... She IS you,


But you are not bringing her out.

And you know it.

You have always known that you are capable, strong and powerful.

You know you are meant for big things.

You know the life you see for yourself... and you also know that THIS ain't it, Honey.

Life circumstances have got you a little bit Out. Of. The. Game.

You have dreams and desires of what you want out of life

But, are you actually DOING them?

NO! ....and it P*sses you off.

You are annoyed at yourself because you know you have SO much potential that you are 100% not living up to.


Because you are not feeling it... you are not in your power. Your confidence has maybe taken a bit of a hit.

Maybe staying in that relationship that is sucking the life out of you has taken it's toll and now you are stuck...

Maybe it's that job you have said you hate for 10 years but you are still there...

Maybe it's that business you wanna start, that passion you wanna follow but you are so afraid of taking the leap...

Maybe it's just that you wanna meet the love of your life and move to Bali...

Whatever it is, we know what you need to get YOUR INNER BOSS BITCH back.

So, How do I know if this is for me?

This is for any woman who has some idea of what she wants out of life but also knows she is not actually living it, and is sick and tired of staying stuck on repeat.

This is for any woman who is ready to feel confident, fierce, unstoppable and in her power again.

What does the workshop involve?

During this workshop you are going to discover:

- EXACTLY what is keeping you stuck and not achieving the life you want

-The specific ways that you block your own ability to feel confident and unstoppable and how to overcome these

-The mindset traps that we fall into that keep us out of our true power and how to develop an unbreakable, powerful mindset instead

- A step by step strategy of how to get back to your Boss Bitch self and start fearlessly living the life you want

-how to feel good about yourself and love yourself where you are at, regardless of how bad things might be

Alba Barrett is an experienced Life and Relationship Coach with a huge focus on teaching clients how to completely transform their mindset, and themselves in order to achieve everything they desire out of life. "When you transform inside, everything on the outside happens so much more effortlessly. Achieving the life you want does not need to be hard, the problem is we spend so much time swimming against the stream and creating setbacks because we are trying to achieve things without first focusing on who we need to become... when we transform our mind, absolutely everything changes"

Energetic Aussie Haelee Reis took Dublin by storm when she moved here in 2015 and we’re never giving her back! Bursting with infectious positivity, Haelee’s sole focus is building a community of badass women and giving them the tools to unapologetically take over the world. Exploding onto the fitness scene, Haelee is known for her pole dancing, fierce Twerk After Work classes and sculpting bodies in Barre and Pilates. Haelee is not just a fitness queen she’s also a business brain! Studying all things business and marketing for seven years in Australia, Haelee’s latest challenge (on top of starting a business) is getting a Masters in Digital Marketing.

Join us and Bring out your Inner Boss Bitch...

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Date and Time


D-Light Studios

46 North Great Clarence Street

Dublin 1



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