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CHARISMA 2.0: The Performance Edge (22-24 April, 2016)
Dublin, Ireland

CHARISMA 2.0: The Performance Edge (22-24 April, 2016)

Event Information

CHARISMA 2.0: The Performance Edge (22-24 April, 2016)

The Gresham Hotel, Dublin, Ireland

Event Description

CHARISMA 2.0: The Performance Edge 

Owen Fitzpatrick, Poll Moussolides, Ruairi O'Connor and Terry Small

22nd - 24th April, 2016

In this 3 day event, you will get the opportunity to dive even deeper into the essence of charisma and communicating with impact. Owen returns with his most advanced charisma workshop to date. Charisma 2.0 is open to anyone who has an interest in transforming how they communicate.  

For those who have never attended an OFI event, prepare for an intensive, fun and jam packed three days where you will learn more about yourself, how you perform at your best and how you can make a real impact when you communicate.

For those who have attended The Charisma Masterclass or Charisma Bootcamp, you will find these three days as offering you the opportunity of combining new insights into lessons already learned with more advanced training on the area of Charisma.

Charisma 2.0 is not about ‘making’ people charismatic. It’s about you learning to develop the way you speak to others so you can do so in a far more engaging way. It’s about mastering the art of entertaining and entrancing others through a spellbinding presentation, both one to one and in groups.

Owen has built this workshop with new participants and alumni in mind. He has changed the format slightly so that he gets to spend more time teaching but, as usual, we will have some special guests that we will announce soon.


•Professional Speakers

•Teachers, Trainers, Coaches and Business Mentors

•Self-Employed Business Owners

•Sales Executives and Trainers

•Business Leaders

•Marketing Professionals

•Actors, Musicians and Performers

•Anyone interested in making more of an impact with their presence.

The schedule will work as follows:

FRIDAY 22nd APRIL, 2016 DAY ONE: 11-6.30pm

10h-11h Registration


This day will all about building an internal MAP (Mindset, Authenticity and Positioning) to explore how you impact other people. The focus will be on the power of your mind to create an unstoppable attitude.

Module One: Mindset with Owen Fitzpatrick

In this module, you will be introduced to the course and the essential need for the right mindset will be explained. Here, you will explore the best pieces of advice out there on building a powerful attitude and mindset and will study great examples of this such as Conor McGregor, Jennifer Lawrence, Sir Richard Branson and Dr Richard Bandler. What makes them create such a powerful impression? This will be a modelling masterclass. We will examine insights from the most important research and literature out there over the last 50 years on the area of Mindset, Attitude, Confidence and making an Impact. You will learn what charisma is and what are the core practices you need to engage in so that you build a more charismatic attitude.

Module Two: Authenticity with Poll Moussoulides

In this module, the idea of being authentic will be fully explored. You will understand what it means to be fully yourself and to let other people see the real you. You will be taught to identify the fears and concerns that hold you back and explain how to overcome them to fully realise yourself. 

Poll Moussoulides, voice coach to the stars and communication expert will help you to express your authentic voice in a way that instantly builds trust and creates impact with others.

Module Three: Positioning with Owen Fitzpatrick

In this module, you will learn to position yourself in the best possible manner so that you make maximum impact on the people you communicate with. You will find yourself getting real clarity on exactly how you want to come across and what you need to do. What are the keys to creating the best impression in your audience? How can you do this in different ways? What will make you a trusted source, a fascinating speaker, a persuasive communicator? What does your audience need to know about you to position you in the best way possible?

Module Four: Magical Presenting with Ruairi O'Connor

In this hour long exhibition and masterclass, Ruairi O’Connor will spellbind you with a fascinating magical performance. He will then unpack the performance aspects of how he does what he does including how he builds rapport with an audience instantly and how he reads his volunteers. Ruairi will explain the power of how he uses story and how he controls the attention direction of the audience. All in all you will learn how to improve your own presentations more magically.

SATURDAY 23rd APRIL, 2016 DAY TWO: 10-6.30pm


This day will examine the art and craft of speaking and storytelling. You will learn how to captivate any audience and master the skillset of moving them through your own personal power and presence.

Module Five: Stage Craft with Poll Moussoulides

In this module, you will learn the most important keys to successful presentation skills. Rather than learning the supposed way to stand on stage, you will gain an insight into how to move about, capture the audiences attention, keep their interest and impact their emotions powerfully by the way you speak. Poll Moussoullides will help you master the way you present yourself in front of a room and he will share with you strategies of success from some Hollywood superstars.

Module Six: The Language of High Impact with Owen Fitzpatrick

This module will share with you how you can better use language to impact more people, more powerfully. You will watch some of the most charismatic communicators of all time speak and learn to understand what they have in common. Many people wonder if it is possible to be charismatic on paper or through the way they write. You will learn how words, themselves, create a powerful impression in the mind of others and how you can start using the key words that will make you stand out and will grab and keep attention.

Module Seven: Story Weaving with Owen Fitzpatrick

Story Weaving takes the creation of story to a whole new level. Here, you will learn all the dynamics to creating stories that make a difference. You will discover the secrets to designing a story that captivates an audience and moves them to action. You will learn how to build different types of stories including those in the business world. You will realise the biggest mistakes most people make when they try and tell stories and how you can design your story to hook your listener.

Module Eight: Story Telling with Owen Fitzpatrick

Story telling involves you learning how to charismatically bring any story to life and involve the audience in it. You will find yourself developing a terrific grasp of how to involve your audience in your narrative as well as mastering the art of story selling and story telling. You will find yourself learning key acting skills and applying them to the stories you present to the world. When you have a great story, you still have to tell it in such a way that makes people want to listen. You will learn exactly how to do that.

Module Nine: The Charismatic Panel with Owen Fitzpatrick and Guest Panel

In this brand new module, Owen will interview a panel of performers whose job involves them to grab and keep attention. He will interview them and find out their beliefs on charisma and how they prepare for auditions or interviews and how they get ready to go out on their on stage and perform. This is your chance to learn what the charismatic professional communicators do.

SUNDAY 24th APRIL, 2016 DAY THREE: 10am-4pm


This day will involve you bringing together what you have learned and understanding how to put it across to others in a way that gets them to say YES. The keys to putting across your ideas in different media under different circumstances will be outlined. 

Module Ten: The Design and The Form with Owen Fitzpatrick

In this module, you will learn everything you need to know about constructing a pitch or presentation from the ground up. The structure of a great presentation will be revealed and you will discover how to best research your audience and subject matter from the very beginning. The art of pitching isn’t enough. You need to know how to adapt your presentation or pitch for the web, social media, the telephone, an email, television, radio, youtube to name but a few. In this module, you will find out how to make your pitch work in any format.

Module Eleven: The Charismatic Brain with Terry Small

The brain has everything to do with who we are and what we do. 
Brain dysfunction is the #1 reason people fail in work and relationships. 
Your brain is the supercomputer that runs your life. Ninety percent of what we know about the brain has been learned in the last 2 years.
How can you use the growing body of research on the brain to become a more effective leader? 
Why does the brain resist change that prevents new ideas from being accepted? 
How do thinking habits influence our actions, especially with problem solving and achieving our goals.

You will learn:

  • The 5 things that Brain Science says that leaders MUST get right
  • Influencing from the Mind’s Eye
  • Rewiring your brain for to lead yourself and others 
  • The science of peak performance
  • Creating influence through an understanding of the brain
  • The incredible importance of being a secure base and building trust
  • What the amazing discovery of mirror neurons means for leaders and their teams
  • The importance of bonding
  • How to boost attention.
  • The #1 food for your brain (you probably don't eat this right now)

Module Twelve: The Delivery with Owen Fitzpatrick

Finally, you will get the chance to learn the most important aspects of the delivery by bringing together what you have learned over the past three days. You will deliver a constructed pitch to your group and get feedback from them on it.


This course is for Business Owners, entrepreneurs, Marketers, Sales People, Actors, Teachers, Trainers, Coaches, Therapists and anyone interested in bettering the way they communicate so they can impact more people more effectively.


22nd-24th APRIL 2016


Owen Fitzpatrick 

Owen Fitzpatrick, creator of the ONLINE CHARISMA TRAINING ACADEMY is one of the most sought after speakers and trainers in the area of charisma, influence and leadership in the world today. He has been hired by Billionaires and Olympic Athletes and has worked with a number of multi-national companies including Barclays, Pfizer, Abbott, The Central Bank, Ogilvy, Sage, VHI, Roche, RTE and ECDL and alongside some inspirational figures such as Sir Richard Branson. Owen is known for his true command of language and his precise ability to persuade and influence. His speeches are unique, informative and motivating and he is regularly hired as key note speaker for talks on topics such as Leadership, Influence and High Performance.   

Owen is author of 5 bestselling books including ‘The Charismatic Edge’ and ‘Not Enough Hours’ and ‘How to take charge of your life’, translated into more than a dozen languages. Having had his own national television show, Owen has traveled to almost 80 countries and has spoken to audiences in more than 23 countries. He has been individually coached in media skills by the Media Coach to Bill and Hillary Clinton and brings a wealth of knowledge together with an excellent cultural awareness wherever he travels to in the world.

Poll Moussoulides: The Speaking Coach

Poll Moussoulides is Ireland’s leading Voice Coach and one of Europe’s most sought after Vocal Communication and Personal Performance Specialists. Over the last 22 years his skills have been employed to help thousands improve and optimise their vocal and physical habits, and feel more confident about how others perceive them. Whether his clients have been internationally acclaimed Oscar Winning Actors, Television & Radio Presenters, Barristers, Financial Advisors, Teachers, Sales Teams, Government Ministers, Consultants, Coaches, Solo Entrepreneurs or Chief Executives of international corporations, they all have worked with Poll to give themselves the dynamic edge that leads to enduring communication success. 

For ten years he was Head of Voice at the Gaiety School of Acting (now the National Theatre School of Ireland) and also at the Samuel Beckett Centre in Trinity College Dublin. He has been Voice Coach in all of the country's major Theatres and several in the UK, and has coached thousands of Actors, from absolute beginners to multi Oscar® award winners on over 52 Feature and TV films (Mia Farrow, Whoopi Goldberg, Robbie Coltrane, Anna Friel, Jon Voight, Cillian Murphy, Richard Dreyfus, Kim Catrall, Roger Daltry, Andrea Corr, Joss Stone, Elijah Wood, Diane Wiest, Timothy Dalton, Brendan Gleeson, Sheila Hancock, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, Angela Lansbury, Pierce Brosnan, Martin Sheen…) Poll also delivers modules on the MBA program at Smurfit Business School, Dublin, and on the High Performance Leadership program at the 'top 3 in the world' rated IMD Business School in Lausanne, Switzerland. |

Terry Small 

Terry Small is a master teacher and Canada's leading learning skills specialist. He is the author of the Brain Bulletin with over 30,000 subscribers worldwide.

Terry has presented on the brain for over 33 years to organizations around the world. His knowledge, warmth, humour and dynamic presentation style have made him a much sought-after speaker at workshops and conferences. Terry often appears on TV, radio, and in the press. He recently appeared on BCTV, Global, CKNW and Student Success. He has presented his ideas to over 230,000 people in 23 countries.

His clients include IBM, TEDx, Ford, IMD, JTI, UBS, Hitachi, Bayer, Bosch, CRA, RCMP, Telus, and many schools and universities. His presentations are engaging, entertaining, thought provoking and all based on the latest brain science.

Terry believes, "Anyone can learn how to learn easier, better, faster, and that learning to learn is the most important skill a person can acquire.” His wealth of teaching experience and extensive involvement in applied neuroscience makes him an outstanding resource for those who wish to achieve best results by using their most valuable asset - their brain! 

He lives with his family in Vancouver, Canada where he is a frequent lecturer at Simon Fraser University and the University of British Columbia. Terry Small's Philosophy is simple: "Success is a skill anyone can learn."

Ruairi O'Connor

Magician and Mindreader - has worked for Westlife and U2, has worked in film and TV and has been practicing his art for over 16 years. His polished and unique performances have entertained and amazed crowds all over the world.

Satisfied customers include global clients such as Coca Cola, Oracle, O2, Meteor, Dell, Microsoft, Symantec, Elavon, Vodafone, Kerry Group, Irish Life, entertainment groups such as Essential Management Ltd, The Event Company, Brightspark, and more.  Whether it's the Meteor Awards after-show party, Microsoft's annual summer bash, launching Bulmer’s into the German Market in Munich, opening a Ted Baker store in Dublin, a private party or stage show, walkabout or mind reading, Ruairi consistently shocks and amazes each and every one of his audiences.

Also, as one of Ireland's busiest and most established wedding magicians Ruairi adds a special kind of magic to any event and creates an amazing atmosphere.

We have aspecial deal with the Gresham Hotel:

Normal price Gresham:
225 no breakfast per night
258 w breakfast per night

Our price:
155 no breakfast per night
185 with breakfast per night

Just mention you are a delegate, amount of available rooms limited. 

Cancellation Policy: There are no refunds for this course. Any questions please contact

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