Choosing Conscious Elderhood Retreat in Ireland

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Choosing Conscious Elderhood Retreat in Ireland

6-day Conscious Ageing Retreat with Ron Pevny

By Martina Breen

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Mon, 11 Sep 2023 17:00 - Sun, 17 Sep 2023 15:00 IST


Slí an Chroi - St Patricks Highpark Upper Kilteegan Wicklow Ireland

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  • 5 days 22 hours
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• What distinguishes an “elder” from someone who is “older”?

• How can I transform fear of ageing into anticipation of the rich possibilities of the elder third of my life?

• What does it mean to become an elder at this time of profound cultural transition?• How can the elder third of my life be the pinnacle of my emotional and spiritual development?

• How am I called to be of service to the human and earth community as I age?

• What inner work do I need to do to age consciously and prepare to fully claim and embody my elderhood?

Using reflective time in nature, life review and legacy work, ceremony, sharing circles and a day-long solo, we focus on the major themes of conscious eldering: belief; release of old baggage; living with purpose and meaning; community; and spiritual deepening.

Empowered by strong supportive community, skilled guidance, and the heart opening power of the natural world, you will have an opportunity to let go of old beliefs, attachments, and attitudes that no longer serve you, and to get in touch with expanded vision for, and commitment to, your potential as a conscious elder..

There is a big difference between simply becoming old and ageing consciously--ageing with intent. This retreat, for people in or approaching their senior years (50+), provides a dynamic experiential introduction to conscious ageing and the types of inner work that are important on the path toward becoming a conscious elder. Such an elderhood is a role that is consciously chosen and grown into through preparation at all levels—physical, psychological, and spiritual.

We invite you to join our facilitator Ron Pevny (US) for an inspiring week at Sli an Chroi Retreat Centre in County Wicklow; set in a wonderful natural setting with woodlands and walks —an ideal setting for supporting the inner work we will engage in. This is the first time this retreat will be held in Ireland

THE SLÍ AN CHROÍ CENTRE (the name means 'The Way of the Heart') is situated some 40 miles south of Dublin in a scenic rural area below the Wicklow mountains and surrounded by beautiful wooded grounds. It has a welcoming, easy-going, and eco-friendly atmosphere. Accommodation is in a mixture of basic single and double rooms. There is no lift, so ability to climb stairs is necessary. Food will be provided; mostly vegetarian menu. The workshop will begin at 6:00 pm on September 11th 2023 , and will end at lunchtime September 17th 2023

Workshop Host. Ron Pevny

This is Ron’s first time in Ireland. He is the founder and director of the Center for Conscious Eldering in Colorado, US. He is a Certified Sage-ing Leader with Sage-ing International and author of the book “Conscious Living, Conscious Aging”

Ron recognised his calling as a wilderness rite of passage guide in 1979 and ever since has been dedicated to assisting people in creating lives of purpose and passion. He co-created Choosing Conscious Elderhood in 2002, and in 2010 founded the Center for Conscious Eldering as well as becoming a Certified Sage-ing (R) Leader. His life coaching practice is focused on

individuals over 50 who are committed to ageing consciously. He is author of the book Conscious Living, Conscious Aging

Ron lives in the US and has envisioned bringing this work to Ireland for a number of years and we’re delighted to have this opportunity to deliver his retreat in Sli an Chroi in 2023. An opportunity not to be missed.

Assistant Facilitator: Martina Breen

Martina lives and works in Ireland. She is a Gestalt Psychotherapist, Spiritual Companion, and Integrative life and Health Coach. She is a certified Sage-ing Leader with Sage-ing International. Martina works in private practice and also facilitates groups. She trained as an Anam Cara (Spiritual Midwife) and is part of the Irish facilitation team with The Sacred Art of Living and Dying.Martina is dedicated in developing awareness here in Ireland about Sage-ing, conscious ageing and collaborating with other CSLs for international participation and sharing of cultural wisdom.

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Martina Breen

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