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Whether you consider yourself to be a beginner or an advanced student this course provides the long-term support necessary for mastery.

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Have you ever felt like you were spinning your wheels making no progress toward the ultimate goal of enlightenment or moksha? Or have you experienced profound moments of bliss only to digress back into old patterns of suffering? Or perhaps you are totally new to this kind of teaching and wonder; is it even possible to be happy in the mess of my life?

Whether you consider yourself to be a total beginner or an advanced student the Clear Way Mastery Course provides the support essential for mastery—liberation from what can be the overwhelming feelings of fear, sadness, anxiety, stress, and many other forms of suffering. It is ongoing support for the permanent realization of indescribable bliss, peace, and sublime contentment—the ultimate end of all suffering—moksha.

This is an evolutionary multi-media course that serves as a catalyst for your own direct realization of the happiness of your true nature. It is profound long-term support for the evolutionary process of moksha—the permanent end of suffering. Different modalities are utilized during this course to support noticeable results. It is a unique perspective and potent energetic transmission that provides you with the essential context and continuous support essential for mastery. This course makes even the most advanced teachings that have been kept secret for centuries easy to understand and apply in your everyday life. This integration and secret wisdom support real noticeable tangible and even shocking realizations of the most sublime happiness.

  • Two Annual Week-Long Retreats*
  • Monthly Online Satsangs with Kosi
  • Ongoing Support Directly from Kosi
  • Real Noticeable Results and Progress
  • The Support of a Global Online Community
  • The Essential Context of Ancient Yogic Practice

No words exist to describe the clarity or power of presence that coincides with the direct, deep, and lasting realization of your true nature. This evolution of your consciousness can be overwhelmingly blissful in moments and extremely uncomfortable in others when you are faced with the emotional challenges of everyday life. It is difficult, if not impossible, to overcome the root cause of all suffering—the potent power of your genetic mind, ego, and what can be vicious repetitive cycles of suffering on your own. Breaking free of this painful cycle requires unconditional love, knowledge, and long-term support of a realized master.

This course reveals the ancient secrets contained within the teaching of Sri Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi that provide the essential context for understanding the science and energy that directly supports the evolution of your consciousness—the sacred fire of liberation. The long-term support you receive in this course helps you to develop the skills necessary to break free from the suffering nature of your mind, ego, and the powerful forces of your genetics, or the genetic mind, that fuel repeating patterns of suffering and pain.

Let’s face it! The power of your mind and ego combined with the powers of your mind to remember, imagine, and project infused with your five senses and the karmic junk you know nothing about combined with the power of the genetic mind is no small thing to overcome. Whew! To break free of the ironclad grip of all this is no small task. This is especially true when you realize that 95% of your suffering is completely unconscious. How exactly can you overcome what you know absolutely nothing about?!

This program is not a self-empowerment class or superficial spiritual retreat—it is advanced spiritual teaching for anyone with the desire for deep lasting happiness. It is infused with potent yogic energy and practices that help you make significant progress. The Clear Way Mastery Course is a simple and infinitely deep teaching that supports the direct experience of the natural happiness alive in the core of your being. This process is simple, but not easy. It requires the maturity to face the one thing you naturally avoid—yourself.

This mastery course supports the direct experience of the sublime happiness of the Turiya state and provides intimate support for facing uncomfortable aspects of your mind, ego, and your life experience to put a final end to the insatiable tyranny of your mind and ego. Mastery of the genetic force of your egoic nature simply takes time, resolve, perseverance, and a deep commitment to yourself.

This is an evolutionary process that involves a significant commitment. Long-term support is essential to overcome deeply engrained patterns of suffering, most of which is unknown to you, in order to realize full liberation or the eternal salvation known as moksha.

We understand it can be difficult to make a long-term commitment, but in order for you to receive the deep benefits this program offers requires a minimum commitment of one year.

Imagine what it would be like to be deeply profoundly happy regardless of what is unfolding in your life. The Clear Way makes this a real possibility.

If you are ready for the adventure of a lifetime, please join us for this deep dive into the heart of consciousness.

*If you are unable to attend both of the week-long retreats it is possible to attend one retreat and participate for one year in the online monthly meetings. Please see ticket options or visit

General Schedule:

(East Coast Time USA)

08:00 - 10:30AM - Satsang with Kosi

10:30 - 11:00AM - BREAK

11:00AM - 2:30PM - Satsang with Kosi

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Date and time


Online event

Refund policy

Refunds up to 1 day before event

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Organiser Kosi (Wisdom Rock Foundation)

Organiser of Clear Way Online Retreat with Kosi

"What if it is possible to be happy in any life situation" 

Kosi has over twenty years of experience offering a radically different approach to the evolutionary process known as moksha, liberation, or enlightenment. This potent perspective provides life-changing support for ending your fear, sadness, anxiety, stress, and many other forms of suffering. It is simple—open, discover, evolve—potent, deep, and mind -blowing support for real noticeable progress in your spiritual evolution.

Kosi's teaching style is steeped in the indescribable energy and grace of Sri Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi, the famous sage of Tiruvannamalai, as well as the unconditional love of Sri Amma Karunamayi the living saint and avatar of Andra Pradesh India. Kosi's teaching can be funny, deadly serious, direct, honest, and ruthless. She simplifies the complexity of spiritual practice and teachings and provides long -term support for spiritual evolution.

The pain and suffering generated by your mind can be completely debilitating unless you understand what your mind actually is and how it works. But what if suffering is not normal and it is possible to be happy in any situation? If you don’t have this basic understanding you will continue to be at the effect of the constantly changing movements of your mind and the emotions it generates. But what if all the ups and downs you experience in life are really an illusion? The teaching represents a radical return to Ramana Maharshi and with Kosi's presence is truly miraculous support for the shift in your consciousness from this suffering nature of your mind to the indescribable happiness of your heart.

Kosi holds satsangs and retreats worldwide for those who wish to go deep into the bliss of their own being. These intimate meetings are infused with the unconditional love, wisdom, and omniscience of divine consciousness. It is a palpable energy that supports your own direct discovery of your eternal nature which ends fear, anxiety, sadness, and many other forms of suffering you experience in life.

Whether you are just starting out on your spiritual journey or have been searching for a long time— Satsang is meant for anyone with the maturity and sincere desire to discover what is already at peace, already enlightened, within you. It cuts through all the spiritual concepts floating around the internet or being passed around by different teachers, lineages, and seekers of truth and freedom. It represents radical support for the direct discovery of your true nature—the bliss of perfect wisdom.

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