Ditch Dieting & Overcome Overeating 5

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Essential Wellness,

Old Town House. Main Road




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Learn - how to end the constant dieting mentality - how to return to Natural Eating & - how to end difficult habits & overeating.

About this Event

This ONE DAY EVENT is for those who:

- who have spent most of their lives on diets.

- who feel they have tried every diet without long term success

- who are fed up with counting calories, points and syns

- who are sick and tired of feeling guilty around food

- who find it hard to break habits

- who want to be able to enjoy food

- who want to feel in control of food

- who have had enough of waking in the morning thinking about food and their weight

- who want to feel good in their body and happier in their lives

- who are fed up with feeling a slave to the weighing scales

It is for those who Reactively Eat; a Reactive Eater is someone who:

= eats when not hungry;

= does not stop when satisfied,

= eats in Reaction to their lives; be it stress, thoughts, people, situations, challenges, boredom, etc.

= cannot stop at 1 or 2 of anything

= feels out of control around food

= never lasts on a diet & regains the weight after losing any

This ONE DAY ONLY will be an EMPOWERING and POWERFUL day; you will gain so much awareness of, insight into and understanding of how you think, feel and behave around food and eating!

Do you know someone in your life that:

* seems to be able to eat anything and never gain weight

* that can leave food on their plate

* that can say "no" to cakes and chocolate and desserts

* that never seems to have an issue with weight

* that never talks about dieting and weighing scales

* eats when they are hungry and stops when they are satisfied

* just uses food as fuel and make conscious choices around what fuel to give their body


Would you like to be a Natural Eater?

Well, you CAN be and here is how you can do it.......

Come along on the 13th July, to Essential Wellness and spend the day in the company of other women who feel just as you do, learning from an experienced professional with her own personal experience, about how you can CHANGE your life....your mind AND of course your Body Shape.

I will be teaching you,

- How to completely change your relationship with food and with yourself; you will learn how to become a Natural Eater and STOP being a Reactive Eater

- How to take back CONTROL of your eating and of your life.

- How to live without the DESTRUCTIVE Dieting Mentality

- How to create a like that makes you HAPPIER.

What people are saying about the courses on the day:

💚 Absolutely fantastic

💚 Excellent day - I LOVED it

💚 It has completely changed my mind

💚 Excited about the future

💚 Very relaxed safe environment

💚 Great to listen to

💚 I feel so empowered

💚 Very well put together day

💚 Very uplifting & inspiring

💚 I feel so motivated

💚 I wish I met you (Catherine) 2 years ago

💚 I would not change anything about the day

💚 That was THE best €60 I have ever spent...


And AFTER the courses....

💗 'Delighted with the course and I am seeing a positive improvement already..'

💗 'The slips are not landslides anymore..'

💗 'Excited it can be this easy...'

💗 '..big improvement to where I was..'

💗 'I have control again'

💗 'I'm loving not feeling bad'

💗 'Absolutely delighted, loads of energy, fantastic mood & food is definitely now for fuel'

💗 'My mind has shifted so much that I rarely even think too much about food at all'

💗 'I cannot begin to tell you how good I feel'

💗 'Thank you so much for providing this course - it really does get you to stop & think & realise you DO have choice'

💗 'Yes it is effort at the beginning - but jeez is it worth it!!'

This day event will be nothing like you have experienced before; because there is NOTHING like this anywhere.

In one day, you will gain much insight into, understanding and awareness of your habits, thoughts, triggers, emotions and behaviours and you will learn powerful strategies, tools and techniques to help you make positive change actually happen.

AND it is a day for YOU; to spend quality time on YOU; to make you HAPPIER in your life and EMPOWERED to create change.

Do you DESERVE to do something POWERFUL and POSITIVE for YOU?

If so, book your tickets and I will see you on the 13th!



Call/Text Me CATHERINE HASSETT on 0871770804 to book directly with me.

*** "Don't do what you have always done; or you will get what you have always got" ***

Please note there are no refunds or transfers on tickets.

Catherine Hassett


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Date and Time


Essential Wellness,

Old Town House. Main Road




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