ECO SHOWBOAT at Doon Shore

ECO SHOWBOAT at Doon Shore

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Doon Shore

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Artists Anna Macleod and Padraig Cunningham are joined by biologist Dr Mary Kelly-Quinn and musician Shahab Coohe to celebrate the mayfly

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Anna Macleod's new body of work looks at the life cycle of the Mayfly as a metaphor for the precariousness of existence in the Anthropocene & as a symbol of survival and renewal. Anna is developing this work in collaboration with artist Padraig Cunningham and composer / musician Shahab Coohe. Shahab is composing a piece of music to celebrate the Mayfly and will be giving a live performance of the piece on Doon Shore. 
In addition Anna has been conducting Art and Science sculpture workshops with 5th and 6th class pupils from Cootehall National School to build local awareness of the importance of aquatic invertebrates to biodiversity and water quality. 



The Eco Showboat Mayfly expedition is a four month arts voyage from Limerick to Enniskillen on the Mayfly, the flagship of the Eco Showboat project, and the first solar electric boat to make this journey.

On Sunday 31st July the Mayfly will dock at Doon Shore. You are invited to join us for this wonderful afternoon of art, workshops and talks.


Artist Anna Macleod shows us work she has been doing on Lough Key around the theme of the Mayfly, an indicator of the best quality water.

While most of the life cycle of this ancient species happens underwater, their winged existence may last only a few hours, just long enough to allow the insect to reproduce, which tales place on a single day during an extraordinary swarming dance. Mayflies are very sensitive to water quality and temperature and as such are classed as an indicator species of the health of water bodies. Anna Macleod's new body of work will look at the life cycle of the Mayfly as metaphor for the precariousness of existence in the Anthropocene & as a symbol of survival and renewal.


The Mayfly and Other Aquatic Insects as Indicators of Water Quality

Associate Professor Mary Kelly Quinn, a leading authority on the Mayfly, and author of Mayflies (Ephemeroptera) of Ireland, National Biodiversity Data Centre, Ireland, a complete database for the Ephemeroptera of Ireland. Also among her many publications is a book on Ireland's Rivers. She is a lecturer at UCD School of Biology and Environmental Science.  Her primary research activities focus on the assessment and mitigation of land-use and other anthropogenic activities on the hydrochemical and ecological quality of surface freshwaters.


SHAHAB COOHE - Waterside Concert

Born into a family of music lovers, Shahab Coohe started his music education aged eight, under the direction of Majid Kiani, one of the contemporary masters of the santoor (a trapezoid-shaped stringed instrument that pre-dates the duclimer and piano). He also plays violin and is currently studying performance at the Royal Irish Academy of Music.


SLOW LOOKING - Workshop with the Eco Showboat artists

Cleary and Connolly believe that learning begins with looking. Looking closely at things - for the purposes of observation and accurate documentation, or just for the simple pleasure of engaging your mind with the world - affords a deeper learning experience by fixing attention and setting up a remarkably complex and active investigation that begins with the eye and progressively engages the whole mind. The Slow Looking workshop invites you to use a range of simple viewing devices - bug boxes and magnifying glasses - to observe closely samples of biodiversity found on site, and to draw these using the materials provided, in a relaxed atmosphere conducive to conversation.


RIVER MOVIE - First Scenes


River Movie will record the first expedition of the Mayfly - a series of encounters with artists, activists and scientists as we travel upriver from Limerick to Enniskillen, discovering the beauty of the Shannon and the Erne waterways, exploring scientific and artistic ideas for how we can save this environment from everything that threatens it today - pollution, invasive and endangered species, climate change… Using a 4k drone, a 4k gimbal camera, an IR camera and other devices for macro-photography and sound recording, River Movie will document a unique collaboration of art and science addressing the great problem of our time.

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