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Effective Personal Productivity (EPP)

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The Effective Personal Productivity (EPP) is designed to assist anyone with managerial or supervisory responsibility to achieve increased personal and team productivity.

It is primarily aimed towards organisations that are interested in achieving productivity in order to enhance overall results.

The course will run every Tuesday from March 1st for 9 weeks.

After this period there will be 3 individual post program review sessions after months 1, 6 and 12.

The unfunded cost of this programme is €2,500

With funding from Carlow Kilkenny Skillnet you will pay €1,495.

A saving of €1,005!!!

Places are limited.

Organisations that have leaders focused on productivity improvements, improved teamwork, enhanced goal setting and communication will enhance overall results and performance. These are the essence, the basic building blocks, of successful leadership and of a successful organisation.

• Are you very busy with lots on conflicting demands on your time?

• Do you need to keep several ‘balls in the air’ and still complete a day’s work?

• Do you feel that you could be more effective “if only …”?

If you need more time in the day then you probably need Effective Personal Productivity®. The Effective Personal Productivity Course is designed to assist leaders at any level in the organisation to achieve increased personal and team productivity.

The course focuses on:

• Increasing productivity

• Identifying high pay-off activities

• Setting priorities in six areas of life

• Dealing with interruptions

• Handling paper flow

• Developing team players through delegation

• Enhancing employee attitudes

• Developing and coaching self-directed work teams

• Enhancing effective communication

• Finding time for planning and goal setting

This course is unique as follows

• Specific workplace goals for learning and performance improvement are established in consultation with the participant and the company management where applicable.

• Individual support from the facilitator guides the participant’s “on the job” application of the learning to the accomplishment of the goals

• Complete resource materials allow multi-sensory learning and regular review

• Nine interactive workshops, facilitated in convenient weekly meetings.

• Each workshop concludes with Application & Action steps to produce measurable results.

• Our unique online feedback system monitor real time progress.

• Mid and post-course reviews are conducted with the participant, and their manager/mentor where applicable.

• Participants present key results and accomplishments at the final graduation meeting.

• There is a one to one pre course consultation with each participant.

Module 1. Concepts and Overview Workshop.

• What is Success?

• Importance of Attitude

• Developing Potential Workplace Goals Self-evaluation exercise.

Module 2. The Nature of Productivity.

• What is Productivity?

• Time - the Key Resource for Peak Performance

• Attitudes towards Planning and Goal Setting

• Attitudes towards Other People Attitudes towards External Circumstances

• Attitudes towards Yourself

• Identify & Using High Payoff Activities.

Module 3. Productivity Through Goals Achievement.

• Having a Positive Self-Image

• Personal and Organisational Goals

• How the Goal Setting Process Works

• The Power of Written Goals

• Finding Time for Planning and Goal Setting

• Tracking and Feedback

• Putting Affirmation and Visualisation into practice

Module 4. Increasing Productivity Through Managing Priorities.

• Setting Priorities for Each Day

• Setting Priorities in All Areas of Life

• Maintaining Focus by Limiting Interruptions Handling E-mail Efficiently

• Managing Communications Setting Up and Efficient Work Area

• How to say “No”

Module 5. Mid Course Review.

• Assessment of Progress

• Review of Key Concepts and their applications

• Finalisation of Mid-Course Review

Module 6. Improving Productivity Through Communication.

• Mastering Communication Skills

• The Role of Empathy in Communication

• How Behaviour Affects Communication

• Asking the Right Questions

• Listening for The Total Message

• Writing for Clear Communication

• Using Technology Efficiently and Effectively

Module 7. Empowering The Team for Peak Performance.

• The Empowerment Imperative

• The Benefits of Empowerment

• Empowering Different Generations

• Attitudes - The Heart of Empowerment

• Developing Team Players through Delegation

• Levels of Delegation

• Communication and Delegation

Module 8. Increasing Productivity of the Team

• Sharing and Communicating Goals

• Creating a Learning Environment

• Developing and Coaching Self-Directed Work Teams Developing People to be their Best

• Following Efficient Procedures

• Implementing Productive Meeting Strategies

• Living with Positive Expectancy

• Celebrating Your Success

Module 9. Graduation

Individual Results

Presentations Awarding of Certificates

Our tutors for this programme are ODMC Consultancy LTD. ODMC Consultancy specialises in helping SMEs and start-up businesses. They are an appointed licensee for Leadership Management Ireland, and work with companies to improve productivity & profitability. 

Michael O Donoghue brings over 20 years sales and management experience, Michael has worked in various fields throughout his career. Having graduated from The College of Marketing & Design in Dublin, Michael started his sales career in retail, while part time farming. He quickly moved into full time sales, working his way from Agri sales into Veterinary, on from there into Medical, and has worked for the last 10 years in various Surgical Sales roles.

He has headed up numerous product launches in both Medical & Surgical, and has partnered with surgeons in operating theatres for market leading companies such as Technopath, and most recently, Ethicon, Johnson & Johnson.

In 2016, Michael returned to higher level education, and graduated first in his class with first class honours in Business & Sales Management. (H1, Level 8).

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Online event

Organiser Carlow Kilkenny Training Skillnet

Organiser of Effective Personal Productivity

The Carlow Kilkenny Skillnet was established in January 1999 by a number of Senior Managers in organisations in the Carlow Kilkenny area. Initial discussions showed that the organisations shared common training problems, namely,

  • Access to information on courses / training, and new technologies available for training purposes
  • Sourcing training programmes
  • Finding courses that were relevant to the specific needs of each organisation
  • The location of available courses

By working together, these organisations have developed new, low cost, customised, and locally based solutions for their management and staff.

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