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Dreamer - Maker - Creator. She who give birth to her dreams. Permission to play and create with abandon.

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Sunday 8th November 11am-6pm

Price -  €65.00

Kickstart your creative expression in a day of guided explorations to play, make and create with abandon. We will create poems, songs, artwork, dance, sound and movement. Opening up the creative channels to allow your expression to be heard.

Drawing on the free spirited wonderment of your inner child and the fulsome wisdom of the divine mature feminine within you, this workshop encourages a surrender into the wellspring of your creative power. No audiences, no targets, no expectations, no attachments to outcome, no need to be “good” or “professional” or an “artist” the only necessity is you allow yourself to be free to play and create.

If you have always wanted to draw but didn’t think you would be “good enough” or had a yearning to write poems or songs, or longed to express your interior life through movement, this day may be the golden ticket your inner Creatrix hungers.Allow the Creatrix to kickstart your creative heart. Give her permission to make, create, and play with abandon. We will create poems, songs, artwork, mini scultpures, dance and movement without any attachment to outcome.

Bring paints, pens, paper, your instrument if you have one, wear clothes you can move in, bring your camera if you wish to explore photography. Safe, sacred, playful and fullsome.

A dreamer, a maker, a creator. She who give birth to her dreams, who gives space, patience and encouragement to her desires and is able to support and nurture the dreams of others. One who is unafraid to meet the shadow aspects of her creativity: the saboteur, the victim, the procrastinator, the judge, and the critic as she flows in the golden light of her unique essence. Willing to re-employ them shadows to be of service to her highest creative self.

The Creatrix is fully connected to all things; wildly courageous, rich with intuitive wisdom and emboldened with the strength to walk her own path even if it be a journey into the unknown.

Join Lewis in a playful day of creative expression through body and voice to unleash the Creatrix within. Whatever discipline of creativity she loves; be that painting, poems, music, songs, dancing, knitting, doodling, baking, visioning ideas. This workshop is suitable for all women, you really don't need to be an "artist" or "performer" to attend. We meet in confidence to journey together in sacred circle as a sisterhood.


If you are reading this, then it is probably for You. The workshop aimed at women, AFAB, female-identified, non-binary people and is trans-inclusive. We meet in confidence to journey together in sacred circle as a sisterhood. The work may may be therapeutic but it is not therapy. It does not involved any plant medicines.


You don't need to prepare anything. The workshop is limited 12 participants. Wear something you feel beautiful in and can move in, bring a water bottle, a pad or notebook and pen/pencils, your instruments if you have any.

The workshop is limited 12 participants.

  • Wear something you feel beautiful in and can move in.
  • Be prepared to work barefoot at times
  • Bring a water bottle, lunch, snacks
  • Bring a pad or notebook and some pens pencils to write, reflect or draw with.
  • Bring some arts tools to draw with - either paints, pastels, paint brushes and paper. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE AN "ARTIST" This is only an element of the workshop. A jumbo pack of coloured pens will do. Normally we all share these but because of covid, its really importnat you bring some of your own. (Borrow your childrens!)
  • Bring your own Cushion to sit on*
  • Bring your own Yoga matt*
  • Bring your lunch

*New because of Covid. If you don't have these please let me know and we can provide you.


"The honesty and trust Lewis provides when working is beautiful” 

“Such a transformative workshop and thank you for holding the space so well”  

"You created such a special, warm & safe atmosphere”

“I felt a deeper connection to aspects of myself that I don’t often connect with”

“I felt IMMENSE CALM. A lovely way to spend the day - wonderful to be with these women”

“ I found today extremely rewarding for my sense of self and my personal journey” 

BOOK: €65. Max 12 places. (This may increase to 16 if restrictions ease)


If cancelled more than 7 days before workshop - 50% refundable

If cancelled within 7 days of workshop - £0 refundable (Unless you find someone to take your place)


There will be no contact in this class.

We will keep within 2m of each other at all times. If you have any symptoms of Covid or any recent contact please do not come.

If the venue cancels or the Government cancels public events, your place will be held for a future date.

You are welcome to wear a mask for the whole workshop but this is not mandatory. PLEASE READ THE VENUE GUIDELINES

Guidelines for An Sanctoir centre users

To care for the health of all our community, please follow the following guidelines when using the centre.

 Please wash/sanitise your hands on arrival. If you’re a facilitator sanitise door handles etc also.

 Please bring your own water to avoid using the kitchen.

 Please do not use the centre if you have symptoms such as; high temperature, persistent cough, loss of taste or smell.

 Please wipe down all handles and surfaces that you have had contact with after using the centre. Sanitiser spray and blue paper towels are in the kitchen for this use.

 Dispose of paper towels in bin provided.

 Please take your rubbish home: do not leave any rubbish in the bins apart from paper towels used for cleaning or drying hands after washing.

 Please observe the 2m social distance guideline AT ALL TIMES, especially when entering and leaving the building, or if you are staying for a chat after a class.

 On leaving make sure high touch surfaces are cleaned.


In following these guidelines you help An Sanctoir to stay open for everyone who wants to use it, especially those who may have pre-existing health conditions and fragile immune systems.

We are a community centre run by volunteers, so we rely on everyone in our community to help us keep going under the present circumstances.

CONTACT: For more information or for a private session please contact Lewis via: lewisbarfoot@gmail.com



Thanks to Tamsin Haggis for the artwork. https://www.tamsinhaggis.com

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An Sanctoir Ltd.

An Sanctoir



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