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La Gomera


38870 Valle Gran Rey


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A magical retreat for women. We will discover in the woman circle our own sexual feminine essence

About this Event

To all women.

Join us for a very special week on the magical island of La Gomera,

We are inviting every woman who wants to:

- Feel and balance the feminine and masculine energy

- Feel the power of a women circle

- Get in touch with a feminine essence

- Form deeper relationship with self

- Rebuild the connection between womb, heart, and intuition

- Find inner voice

- Discover sex-appeal and uniqueness

- Learn how to feel, move, be sexy and feminine, classy and elegant in everyday life

We are inviting you for a deep, intriguing and fascinating journey into your femininity and sexuality, self-expression and elegant sensual eroticism.

The woman circle can help you discover the healthy and mature femininity within.

Femininity is a constant movement, it's the flow of life.

Masculinity is stillness, stability and boundaries.

- Tantra is the most holistic life path originated in India. It's a beautiful and deep way of transformation that comes with understanding and accepting your nature as a whole. It gives you the tools to expand your consciousness by experiencing different energies within you. You can experience the dance of male and female energy within you. Tantra teaches, that sexual energy is the strongest creative life force in your body which can guide you to be a more open, sensual, vibrant, peaceful and spiritual human being. Tantra helps you to become a more integrated and loving being.

- Aristocratic Eroticism is a concept that inspires women to be both intelligent and sexually appealing. This is a whole philosophy balanced with practical use. Workshops help women to feel more confident, to connect with their emotions, to accept their bodies and feel free to let themselves be sexually attractive. Woman can be well educated, intellectual and respectable and the same time openly embraceing her sexuality instead of hiding it. Pure eroticism that woman can produce is beautiful and interesting if woman is connected with herself and understands the importance of being supportive and sympathizing to humankind.

- Singing is very beneficial for mental and physical health. It brings joy and fun, makes us more spontaneous, deepens the connection with others. Singing boosts the immune system, stimulates overall circulation, therefore, it helps to distribute oxygen through the body. Singing is a natural antidepressant, as it's known to release endorphins. Improves mental alertness, and even helps with dementia and Alzheimer's maintain their memories. Singing boosts confidence broadens communication skills and helps to connect to the inner child.


- Tantric rituals and meditations

- Active OSHO meditations

- Sharing in the circle

- Free-dancing

- Massages

- Energy, breath and voice work



01/12/2019 - Heart Singing with Sandra (half day)

02/12/2019 - Tantra with Ania (full day)

03/12/2019 - Tantra with Ania (full day)

04/12/2019 - Aristocratic erotism with Agneta ( half day)

05/12/2019 - Aristocratic erotism with Agneta (half day)

06/12/2019 - day off

07/12/2019 - DEPARTURE


After joining us on that magical island you will:

- Deepen the connection to your true self

- Unblock stuck emotions in your body

- Learn to express your fears, needs, and desires

- Create the space for feeling free, emotional release and to be at ease with your true nature

- Become more sensual and feminine in your essence

- Find your sense of power and expand your potential

- Build better relationship with yourself

- Start to heal your feminine wounds

- Learn how to balance masculine and feminine energy in everyday life

- Find connection with your emotions and get along with your body

- Understand the pleasure of being YOURSELF

- Let yourself be sexy without shyness or confusion

- Learn how to mix intelligence with sex-appeal


Sandra Maria Kwiatkowska

Vocalist, founder of Heart Singing, student and admirer of the Modern Vocal Techniques and Song Therapy. Her personal and artistic paths are dedicated to re-connection with heart through voice.

She believes, that the main function of singing, as a natural potential of every human being is to freely express emotions and feelings.

Her workshops are designed to help releasing voice, opening heart and boosting self-esteem.


Anna Sokołek

Tantra trainer, healer and tantra massage therapist. She is a teacher of International Tantra Woman Community by Santoshi and she runs tantra courses for women.

She is also a certificated tantra masseuse and sexual healer in John Hawken's school. Ania runs tantra woman circles, tantra workshops, and individual sessions.

She is a professional singer and a vocal coach. She loves to create a safe space where people can experience their own truth.


Agneta Linchevskaya

International cabaret star with her own genre of erotic dance storytelling – famous for high taste and intellectual approach to eroticism. Being intelligent and charismatic she makes both men and women hot under the collar while performing on stage.

Agneta is leader and creator of “aristocratic eroticism” movement helping women on their way to accepting themselves, finding confidence, learning how to live in harmony with their bodies and emotions and finally letting them manifest natural eroticism and become amazing creatures full of life and sex appeal.

At her workshops Agneta uses her own methods of art-therapy based on acting, modeling, performing, dancing and some psychological self-regulation methods. Her workshop not only provides useful life skills and techniques, but is an inspiring adventure that every woman should go through. Due to her big love towards people and sympathy towards women, she is able to be extremely generous in sharing her fascinating energy with her students.



One bedroom apartments with separate bathrooms and kitchen annex. Swimming pool, WiFi.



PRICE: Early bird EUR 450 for all workshops (excludes flights)


The meeting point is Tenerife - ferry port Saturday morning, Accommodation on Tenerife is possible if it is needed. Ask the event host.

Arrival: Fly to Tenerife South then take the ferry to La Gomera.

We will send the actual arrival plan with the ferry schedule and more information with your booking confirmation.


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Date and Time


La Gomera


38870 Valle Gran Rey


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