Emotional Alchemy healing with Paul Moore

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Between two worlds healing centre

1a kidnap business park

Old mallow road

Blackpool Cork, Cork

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Emotional Alchemy is a transformational healing technique, connecting you to your higher self.

Transforming the lead dead state of darkness in all its form, into the gold of higher self-soul.

Learn to be an emotional alchemist for yourself and your world.

The new and revolutionary method of healing has been developed by Paul Moore, whilst working within the field of holistic therapies for the past 20 years.

The technique is a working tool, combining a mixture of ancient techniques with modern new discoveries to super charge the process and get faster results from traditional methods of healing.

Using a unique combination of techniques, Paul works with individuals to release emotional trauma or blockages quickly and effectively.

This ground breaking work has unbelievable results !

What can it help with? Everything!

Do you feel stuck? Do you have addictions? Depression? Sadness? Trauma? Pain?

Emotional Alchemy can help you in any way you choose – because for every person, it works differently. You choose what you want to work on.

Unlike other techniques, you are given tools to empower yourself, you are shown a new way to reach deep inside yourself and gain a deeper level of understanding and knowledge than ever imaginable.

Once you have experienced this, you realise that only you can possibly know and understand exactly what needs addressing in your day to day life.

Integration is key to Emotional Alchemy. This work will impact your everyday life, read our testimonials where people report that everything from family and home life to careers change over the course of the workshops.

What you can expect..

Emotional Alchemy encompasses all of the below techniques:

Breath work, soul retrieval, past life retrieval, shamanic drumming, chakra breathing, rebirthing, releases, sacred sound, journeying, emotional release chakra aligning, chakra toning, chakra balancing, chakra clearing, emotional freedom, inner child, grounding, shamanic work, spirits, angels, the plants, ancestral lines, family constellations, regression, breath, body work, shiatsu, yoga.

  • Break through limiting patterns

  • Awaken your life purpose

  • Gain clarity

  • Increase in energy and vitality

  • Enhances detoxification

  • Releases rage, anger and deep emotional trauma

  • Bring in greater peace, clarity and joy

  • Free yourself to create space and love for the new healthier patterns/experiences emerge

  • Ground yourself to prepare your body for a higher self full embodiment

  • Soul retrieval; retrieving and grounding lost aspects of yourself - as you build the chakra muscles and become clearer, parts of your soul come back, both from this life time and past.

  • The soul will only come back when the body is energetically strong enough to receive it

It really teaches you about compassion and humility, through finding those deep places within and connecting to our own trauma and pain we find deeper compassion for others, Working in this way not only heals and strengthens the chakras - but also awakens and empowers the light bodies.


Paul's journey has been the classic wounded healer-although he has put his time and focus into healing himself firstly..and now he feels ready to share his own way of self healing with others

Born in Middlesex, England with an Irish / English heritage Paul had a tough start in life.

‘I had to fight my way through life from day one. I was an abandoned and wounded child, which in turn made me an insecure boy and man. I was insecure and completely disempowered.’

After I discovered Reiki 1 at 28 years old, Paul thought he was on the path to enlightenment, and yet just a few years later his world came crashing down around him. ‘I realised I was living a nightmare. I turned to drugs and alcohol, and I left girlfriend and child.

I realised I was a mess. I watched everyone around me and realised I needed to change.

That was my turning point and when i really began my journey of somehow ...returning to love

Paul realised that every relationship he had was mirroring his own pain, that each person’s life is created from their wounds. He saw how so many people are imprisoned by their wounds, living in fear and disempowerment.

Following his heart and with a whole heap of courage Paul began to teach people his techniques, firstly just as one to ones, then slowly building the group up over a course of five years.

Now there are waiting lists to join his monthly circles.

Paul has developed from his own experiences a super charged way to access the deepest parts of your emotional being and heal it, leading to huge transformations in your daily life.

Don't just take our word for it , read some of the amazing testimonials here ..

'' This is the most deep healing work I have ever done. If you want to turn your life around and make changes then this is the place to be.
Nothing else has ever had so much impact and integration into my day to day life. To say I am ecstatic to have found this group and to be a part of it is an understatement!'' - Leila belle , UK.

''After annually attending Tony Robbins seminars from 2002 to 2008 including his flagship Mastery University events, in some cases twice. It became clear to me that I needed something more personalised and far deeper in order to make the necessary shifts in consciousness needed to move my life forward.

Paul’s approach was to create a group environment where, as an individual, I was able to uncover and then release unconscious behaviours and patterns in my life that were holding me back. The more this was undertaken, surfacing deeper and deeper levels, the more my life shifted for the better. Consequently I found greater and greater levels of trust with Paul, who created an even more supportive environment where I felt held enough to feel safe, vulnerable, understood, loved and protected. This was hugely important to me, in order to feel safe enough to visit my deepest vulnerabilities.

Finally, after 12 monthly sessions I was able to reach a place of very deep emotional catharsis. First connecting with and then releasing the emotional pain of heartbreak, followed by tears and later that weekend I released the deeply suppressed rage that I had been unconsciously holding onto and projecting to others. This breakdown, I knew was the emotional breakthrough and shift in consciousness I had been seeking for the last twenty plus years.

Sincere thanks,

Christopher Chalmers ''

''I attended the emotional healing in Cork this weekend. I have been in the field of healing myself since 1990. I have experienced many different types of methods of releasing emotional pain and deep unconscious patterns of hurt and anger, however I have never experienced such a transformation with the work of Paul and Gemma. It is truly amazing, empowering, and I came away with a great sense of wanting to do more of this work because I have never seen such a transformation happening in such a short time. Paul is a wonderful caring teacher, and Gemma is a truly unique and fabulous facilitator I would recommend that you give yourself a life changing present of emotional healing with Paul and Gemma. If you are coming back to Cork Paul, put me on the list for the next one. Love and Blessings Carmel, Cork, Ireland. Xx ''

''Thank you so so much Paul and Jemma for your unconditional love, kindness, support and inspiration over our amazing 2 day weekend sessions. I was so nervous and yet very excited to attend your weekend class, I really did not know what to expect, I can honestly say that I have never experienced any thing like this in my life, It totally took me by surprise in such an amazing unforgettable way, your teachings were better than I ever could of expected and opened doors for me that I didn't see possible before that are possible now, so from my heart to you both thank you so much it was a gift in itself, you've helped me in more ways than one, To anyone who is seeking self inner emotional healing, self growth and understanding and above life changing positive peaceful ways, I would highly recommend the lovely Paul and Jemma without hesitation,

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Date and Time


Between two worlds healing centre

1a kidnap business park

Old mallow road

Blackpool Cork, Cork

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