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A small online consultation/discussion group led by ICCE faculty for those seeking consultation regarding Feedback Informed Treatment & DP.

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About this event

The ICCE is pleased to sponsor the next FIT Café. Join ICCE faculty, Cynthia Maeschalck and Brooke Mathewes for four 1.5 hour facilitated online discussion groups, to ask questions, discuss and consult about your use of FIT and Deliberate Practice.

FIT Café consultation meetings provide participants with an opportunity to ask questions and raise topics for discussion that will enhance their FIT knowledge and skills. Café meeting agendas are driven by the areas of interest and questions brought forward by group members. Therefore, active participation is an expectation.

Registration is limited to 10-11 (max) participants in order to maximize learning opportunities and participation in discussions.

Dates: October 19, 26th; November 2 & 9, 2022

Time: 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM Central

Location: Online

This small group meeting is a perfect opportunity to get specific help with:

  • FIT Implementations challenges
  • Understanding and using client feedback and FIT progress graphs
  • Understanding individual or agency aggregate outcome and alliance data
  • Individual case consultations
  • Implementing Deliberate Practice

The FIT CAFÉ is an open discussion format. Given that content is driven by participant interests and questions, no CE’s will be provided.

About the facilitators:

Cynthia Maeschalck is a Canadian Certified Counsellor (CCC), Certified FIT Trainer and faculty member with the International Center for Clinical Excellence (ICCE) , co-developing and facilitating FIT Intensive training with Dr. Scott Miller since 2010. She currently holds the position of Director of Professional Development and Community Manager with the ICCE. She co-authored the FIT Core Competencies and FIT manuals, is co-author and editor of Feedback Informed Treatment in Clinical Practice: Reaching for Excellence (Prescott, D. S., Maeschalck, C. L., & Miller, S. D. (Eds.). (2017). Feedback-informed treatment in clinical practice: Reaching for excellence. American Psychological Association., and has contributed several book chapters about FIT including a chapter on Feedback Informed Treatment in Norcross, J. C., & Goldfried, M. R. (Eds.). (2019). (3rd ed.). Oxford University Press.

Cynthia has over four decades of experience as a counsellor, clinical supervisor, manager and consultant in mental health and addiction services and has used Feedback Informed Treatment (FIT) in her practice since 2005. She provides FIT training and consultation to clinicians and agencies around the world. Her practical experience is an asset in helping clinicians and agencies effectively implement Feedback Informed Treatment (FIT) into their practice.

Brooke Mathewes is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC), Canadian Certified Counselor (CCC), and FIT Certified Trainer. Brooke has more than a decade of clinical experience. She has been using FIT in her clinical practice, first in Canada where she was involved in implementation of FIT within a unique agency setting.

Since transitioning to the US, she has used FIT full-time in her private group practice, has co-authored a published article with Scott Miller, and is involved in aspects of training and education with the ICCE. Brooke is committed to helping practitioners around the world build a community of support and to stay connected through sharing of knowledge, research, trainings, and ideas. As such, she is helping to create and manage the ICCE website and the ICCE community Facebook group.

Interested in becoming a Certified FIT Practitioner ?

Attendance at this FIT Café counts towards certification as a Certified FIT Practitioner. To achieve Certified FIT Practitioner (CFP) designation applicants must:

• Attend a FIT Intro or 4 hours of FIT Café meetings or FIT consultation provided by a FIT Certified Trainer or have completed one of the available FIT e-learning programs (documentation must be submitted as proof).

• Attend the ICCE FIT Intensive and FIT Supervision Intensive.

• Pass the Certified FIT Practitioner online exam.


For more information about the Introductory FIT Café or about becoming a certified FIT Practitioner contact:


To preserve the intimate nature of this meeting, space is limited to 10 or 11 participants. No cancellations or deferral of missed meetings permitted. In the unlikely event the workshop is cancelled (e.g. weather, death, natural or human caused disasters, or other “Acts of God”) participants will be automatically registered for the next available meeting. No liability is assumed or coverage offered for any costs incurred resulting from cancellation.