Garda Career Planning & Promotion Seminar - September 2019

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Ashtown Gate

Navan Road

Dublin 15


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This career planning and promotion seminar has been designed to give practical advice to employees of An Garda Síochána on how they can take control of their careers and effectively navigate internal selection processes.

The seminar is aimed at personnel who wish to progress their careers in a planned manner but will also provide very practical advice for those who are looking to excel in the current lateral and promotion competitions. Whether you want to be a Sergeant, Inspector, Detective or JLO, the seminar will help.

The seminar will cover the following areas;

1) Career planning

The central focus of the seminar. Members generally come for the competency based form and interview advice. They generaly leave agreeing that this was the most important bit. Gardaí often don't actively plan their career progression. It might just be time you started!

2) Completing a competency based application form

Practical advice on how to best sell yourself when completing a competency based form. Going beyond a simple explination of the STAR method, the presentation shares advices gained from experienced interviewers and external experts.

3) Selling yourself at interview

Practical advice on how to best sell yourself at interview. The presentation shares advices gained from experienced interviewers and external experts. It will make you think about the effort you have put in to date!

Tickets are €40. All Promote Yourself seminars are fundraising events. All profits from this seminar will be donated to the event charity Front Line Defenders.

If you can not make the September seminar, you can attend any other seminar during the year with your ticket.

The event is only open to employees of An Garda Síochána and attendees should be in possession of official identification. Garda Staff are very welcome and while the seminar focuses on Garda processes, the seminar is very relevant for Garda Staff.

Bring a pen and some paper. If you take the career planning approach of the seminar seriously you will commence the development of a career plan as a next step, so it might be worth investing in something solid to write on.

For more information follow on Facebook @promoteyourselfcoaching

There will be a few short breaks but the event will take most of the four hours.

The feedback from 500+ employees has been overwhelmingly positive. 90% of attendees who responded to the event survey said that the seminar was very supportive of their career goals.

The following testimonials are from members who attended recent seminars:

“I'd highly recommend it. Extremely worthwhile”.

Garda, 12 years service, Garda HQ

“I thought the workshop was well worthwhile, well thought out and well delivered. I would wholeheartedly encourage you to deliver this workshop to as wide an audience as possible”.

Garda, 16 years service, Traffic

“It made me think differently to the way I approach my application form and instead of trying to think of exciting competencies I try to see what the board are looking for. It was a brilliant course and I’ve already talked about it to colleagues.”

Sergeant, 17 years service, DMR South Central

“100% definitely worth it. Couldn’t recommend it enough to others.“

Garda, 11 years service, DMR North Central

“Broke down the process from start to finish into manageable steps and showed that perpetration shouldn’t begin when positions are advertised, but should in fact start today”.

Garda, 10 years service, DMR South

“It was comprehensive, well presented and full of tips and heads-ups about the standard ways in which great candidates unwittingly ruin their own chances time after time. The nature of the whole promotion/appointment process is complex and giving the best possible account of yourself is fraught with pitfalls. Anyone who attends this presentation and puts into practice what they learn, will definitely be at a significant advantage over their fellow candidates”.

Garda, 20 years, Garda HQ

And a few more

"Thank you very much for your time & experience that has truly helped in my forthcoming challenge to improve my career and progress to the next level"

"Extremely helpful information, has completely changed my approach for any future applications"

"Thank you for simplifying a complicated process"

"Career Planning was well presented and something that I never thought of in the last 17 years. Discussion on form filling was excellent"

"Keep it up. The best money I have spent in a long long time. Great Course"

And lastly...

"The presenter was easy on the eye!" (it's important to give everyone a voice!)

Date and Time


Ashtown Gate

Navan Road

Dublin 15


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