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Ignite Your Ultimate Power

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Armagh City Hotel

2 Friary Road


BT60 4FR

United Kingdom

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Stevey here…

I am delighted you have taken a step closer to your next big breakthrough.

Today, I am gonna share with you details about about my brand new live event.

It’s called IGNITE YOUR ULTIMATE POWER and it’s a special one day live event, where I give you one of the most important skills you will ever acquire in your life…

The power to create a life full of happiness, prosperity, health and joy using a unique method called “The Big Breakthrough Formula”. A method so powerful it’s the blueprint for every major success I have achieved or witnessed.

I will give you all the details about this shortly but first I want to share exactly what is the Big Breakthrough Formula and why you absolutely must start using this in your life if you want to achieve results which are more consistent, fun and easy!

Lets go!!!


The Big Breakthrough Formula has 3 simple components, which when combined in just the right order you’ll be able to create big life changing breakthroughs anytime you desire…

  1. Awaken from the “Hypnotic Slumber”

  2. Discover Your “Authentic Self”

  3. Follow through with “Absolute Certainty”

Let’s take them one by one.

  1. Awaken from the “Hypnotic Sleep”…

Ever feel like you’re just going through the motions?

Just going along with whatever life throws at you?

Ever feel like your stuck in a rut?

Ever feel like you’re in 4th gear when you know there’s a 5th, 6th or even 7th gear?

…and if you could reach that 7th gear everything would change for the better…

Unfortunately this is actually how vast majority of people live their life…

And the real sadness of living this way is that you risk wasting your inherent talents and ending up with nothing but regrets.

And there’s a very simple reason for it…

You haven’t awakened the true power, energy and ability that lies within you.

Mostly that’s because you haven’t found a purpose that engages you to your very core.

In the Big Breakthrough Formula, one of the first steps is to snap you out of this hypnotic slumber using a unique set of tools and skills.

During this awakening process… a few things will happen which will come as very positive surprise

You’ll free up your energy, you’ll feel lighter in your mind, you’ll feel better about yourself…

and you’ll start to realise the full extent of your power and your ability…

This revelation will have you feeling like you can do and achieve anything.

Superpower mode

And whilst it is absolutely necessary to reach this feeling…with it comes massive danger.

In fact after you awaken from the hypnotic slumber…it has potential to alter the course of your life, both in a good and bad way.

Feeling like can do anything tricks you into thinking you can do everything! And the danger is you rush off to use your newfound superpowers on a goal or dream that is not in connection with your true authentic self.

End result can be years spent chasing something that won’t make you happy in the long run.

And that’s why you MUST absolutely follow the awakening process with the second component in the big breakthrough formula which is…

2. Discover Your Authentic Self

In my experience this is easily the biggest reason why people don’t fulfil their potential and why success is so elusive for so many.

Deciding on a goal or pursuing a dream which is not aligned with your true authentic self will lead to misery, frustration and disappointment.

And jumping from project to project…or being half hearted about something are tell tale signs you have not discovered your true authenticity. People usually confuse this with lack of will power and discipline instead of what it really is.

So how do you discover your true authentic self?

The answer lies in your intuition.

Learning to trust and be guided by your intuition.

Recognising and understanding your intuition is one of the greatest skills you can master in life. It will keep on the pathway of success no matter what challenges you encounter.

In the big breakthrough formula, I teach exactly how to tune in to your intuition and use it like a compass for success.

Once you have discovered your true authentic self by harnessing the power of your intuition it’s time to enter the third and final component of the big breakthrough formula…

3. Follow through with “Absolute Certainty”

Here’s a little secret I use time and again to spot if someone will succeed or fail with a project?

It’s a simple 3 letter word.


I hear it all the time and it’s a massive red flag.


Because when I hear the word try, I know instantly the person hasn’t fully committed to their success. “I will try my best to…” “I will try to make it work” “I will give it a try”.

Try is code for…I am undecided whether this can be a success or not – so I need an “out” just in case..

And when you are undecided it leads to all sorts of problem.

The left brain will over analyse and second guess your every move. You will end up looking externally for answers rather than be guided by your inner intuition.

Ultimately you are left with a watered down version of what could have been achieved.

So how can you overcome the indecision or uncertainty.

How can you banish the fear of the unknown so you are free to pursue your dream with absolute conviction.

Again this is a learned skill.

The skill of being able put yourself in an…


Once you are in that state…you won’t be able to let up on dream. You will be able to take action with absolute certainty, free of fear or doubt.

And when you can do this…success becomes undeniable.

It’s the secret ingredient to achieving your goals and living your dreams.


The purpose of the live event will be to give you the tools and skills necessary to achieve all 3 components so you can have all the results you desire be they…financial security, faster growth, better health, more contentment, better quality of life, happier relationships.

But for now, the important thing for you today…is to understand why this Big Breakthrough Formula is actually the cornerstone to every single success you will achieve.

Equally you will finally realise why you may have fallen short of your potential to date and how you can begin to reverse that with immediate effect.




The Big Breakthrough Formula will finally eradicate self doubt and procrastination and replace it with a burning desire to hunt down your goals.

That’s because within the Big Breakthrough Formula there are a unique set of skills and rituals which get you ultra clear and focused on your goal so you can shut out and ignore distractions.

Learning these “clarity skills” is a turning point for most of my clients who struggled with procrastination and jumping from one project to another…

On the flip side…without these “clarity skills” consistent success will be impossible. Short term gains will be wiped by the inevitable return to a path of struggle.


The Big Breakthrough Formula is the only mechanism which teaches how to find the answers to realise your dreams, achieve your goals and overcome your big challenges, from within.

Having the ability to just allow solutions to flow and then using your intuition as a guiding force to keep you on the right track is one of the most powerful skills you can ever acquire.

If this is your only takeaway from the live event….it will be a game changer for you.


The Big Breakthrough Formula is a big breakthrough in and of itself for anyone who learns and applies it.

It’s has been the catalyst for so many clients to go on and achieve amazing results in their life.

The Deci millionaires I have worked with cite this process as being one of the most influential events in their careers.

And even one particular client who is an elite sports person and recently became a UFC champion has attributed much of his success to the big breakthrough of learning these skills.

But I want to emphasise, that these powers exist in each and every person. The are not the luxury of a few lucky talented people.

All you need to do is learn and acquired the necessary skills and you can do this in the live event “IGNITE YOUR ULTIMATE POWER”.


Now even though the Big Breakthrough Formula is both powerful and simple to get started with…

You need to understand…

The Big Breakthrough Formula it’s not a push button solution, nor is it a get rich quick tool. There are a certain set of skills you need to acquire and persist with.

Don’t worry I equip you with every single thing you need in the live event “IGNITE YOUR ULTIMATE POWER”. And the process will leave so inspired and motivated you will leave primed and ready to take immediate action.

All you need to do is take responsibility and commit to using these new found skills every single day.

It will be one the best trade-offs of your life….

Remember what I said before about success being easier than failure.

That’s what is on offer here. Success instead of failure. Certainty instead of doubt. Fulfilment instead of emptiness. And all you need is to learn a formula and apply it daily in your life. Simple as that!


By now I am sure you are starting to understand the power of the Big Breakthrough Formula.

And now the only question that remains is…

How can you learn and apply the Big Breakthrough Formula in your life?

Up to now I have only used this formula with private clients…and small intimate groups which can costs a lot of money.

But here’s the thing…

I only have some many hours available in my week to coach and consult with private clients. This limits the amount of people I can expose to the big breakthrough formula…

And this is something I am committing to changing…as one of my goals is to help as many people as possible finally make their big breakthrough..

That’s why I have decided to create a brand new live event which teaches the Big Breakthrough Formula in great detail.

It’s called IGNITE YOUR ULTIMATE POWER and will held in Armagh City Hotel on Friday the 27th of October 2017.

There are a total of 200 seats available with early action takers being rewarded with early bird ticket price of £97.

Ticket prices will rise steeply as we approach the event date.


10 hours of high energy training and guidance so you learn in detail all the skills necessary to make your big breakthrough

Personal 1-2-1 interventions with anyone who wants to spotlight their circumstance and witness the effectiveness of the Big Breakthrough Formula first hand. (This is extremely powerful for the individual in the hot seat but is also a live example for everyone else to see how the Big Breakthrough Formula is applied)

Activities and guidance that will help you finally break free from the shackles of doubt and negativity. This experience alone will be exhilarating and will leave you feeling like a world champion!

A surge of energy that comes from sharing this experience with other like minded people. This is something that can only be felt at a live event and it’s power can dramatically alter the way you approach life thereafter.

You will take part in a live high energy demonstration that will prove to you that you have applied the Big Breakthrough Formula in your life and you are ready to take it to the next level!


But that’s not all.

Take action today and you also get these bonuses absolutely free!!!


Free Private 1-2-1 call with Stevey where we discuss your unique situation and how best to use the Big Breakthrough Formula in your life. This is an excellent opportunity to share any challenges, ask any questions or just get more clarification.

During the call, Stevey can instantly diagnose where your sticking point is and help you breakthrough to the next level.


Finally because it’s my goal to ensure this will be the best live event you have ever attended and want you to walk away as true believer of the Big Breakthrough Formula so you do the most important part….APPLY IT

You will get exclusive access to STEVEY J’s private member’s group…a community of guidance, support, inspiration and accountability.

I am in that group answering questions and giving encouragement. It’s a place where you can share you successes and challenges and tap into a wide network of high achievers and action takers.


So if you are one of those people who knows there’s more in you…someone who wants more out of life, someone who doesn’t want to settle for average but rather excel in all aspects of your life…

If you are someone who has tried many times to improve your fortunes but just fell short…

If you have big dreams and goals but are slow to take action, or worse never taken action on them and keep putting it off because life gets in the way, or maybe you have given up the idea altogether…

If you are someone who had lost your confidence because things haven’t worked out in the past…

If you are someone who wonders why success always seems to happen to other people and not you…

If you are someone who has failed at finding balance in your life…


This is the opportunity you have been waiting for!

Seize the moment and book your seat here!

One last thing…

This will be an intense 10 hour event. It will be both challenging and an exhilarating experience!. There are ONLY 200 seats available and it will be a SELL OUT.

I request you only book a ticket if you are 100% committed and ready to see profound changes in your life. If you are one of those people, don’t wait for ticket prices to rise or worse for the event to sellout and miss out on this one time only opportunity.

Look forward to seeing you on the 27th of October.


DATE: Friday 27 October 2017

VENUE: Armagh City Hotel

TIME: 10.00am sharp (Registration opens at 9.00am)

**This is a full day event. Night time finish anticipated**

Earlybird rate - £97.00 (Early bird rate ends 04/09/17)
Standard rate - £147.00


Earlybird and standard tickets include:

  • Full day of group collaboration and shared insights with Stevey
  • All event materials
  • Fire walk


  • Tickets are exclusive of all catering/meals.
  • Pre-registration for this event is essential and tickets must be purchased in advance. Onsite registration will not be possible.
  • Please ensure you have read and understood the cancellation policy below before confirming your booking.


  • Cancellations received on or before 6 October 2017 are subject to a £40.00 cancellation fee.
  • Cancellations received after this date (on or after 7 October 2017) are subject to 100% cancellation fee. No refund will be provided.
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Date and Time


Armagh City Hotel

2 Friary Road


BT60 4FR

United Kingdom

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