Journal to Inner Freedom: 6-day Journaling Workshop

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N37H9N2 Athlone


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Where are you now in your life?

What are the steps that have brought you to this moment?

What have been the significant relationships in your life?

As you review your life - are there themes and rhythms?

Where is my life heading?

Where does my life want to go?

Find the path to the reality of your own inner being.....

You do not have to like to write or be a good writer.

No one is reading what you write except you.

This workshop is open to all.

No previous experience in journal process is necessary

You can participate in 2 days, 4 days or all 6 days of the Workshop

Contact; for enquiries

6-day Journal Workshop facilitated by American teacher Faye Schwelitz

Discover resources and possibilities you could not have imagined.

An Intensive Journal workshop which gives you the creative process of shaping your life.

The Journal to Inner Freedom method can help you gain understanding about many different areas of your life. Experience a life-changing process to give your life greater direction, vitality and purpose. Inspired by the teaching of Dr. Ira Progoff and his Intensive Journal Method, Dr. Faye Schwelitz PhD, PsyD presents her Journal to Inner Freedom Course. This workshop provides an integrated system for connecting with your true self. The Journal to Inner Freedom provides a progressively deepening atmosphere, away from your daily routine, for experiencing the exercises as they are applied to your life. Non-judgmental and non-analytical approaches further the evoking process. You become immersed in your own growth, drawing forth your unique potential and unfolding life process.

The atmosphere in which The Journal to Inner Freedom takes place is intrinsically part of the process: Your leader guides you step-by-step through the particular Journal exercises. The leader will describe an exercise, providing background information about its purpose and then outlining how the exercise can be done by you as you apply it to your life.

A period of quiet follows when you apply the exercise to your life. Participants may ask questions and read what they have written voluntarily. We do not engage in intellectual discussion about our lives or the method in order to keep a deepening atmosphere of quiet.

As you work in the method, you can move to progressively deeper levels in your unfolding life process. Your mind is focused inward, away from the distractions of daily life and preconceived ways of thinking. The continuous experience enables you to go to deeper levels as you connect with your inner process.

In the group workshop, you have total privacy so that you are safe to write what comes to you. No one will read or comment on what you have written. There is no group discussion or sharing. Our intention is to protect the space and freedom for each person to work with the most intimate areas of the lives in an open and honest way. An atmosphere of privacy honors the integrity of each person’s inner process, allowing them to feel the depth of their own experience.

If you treat your journal as a task, it is not going to work. It’s a resource, a friend. It is the ‘lightness of touch’ that bring us to the depth of our own creative well. We work in different sections, in different areas. We are always ‘moving’. It is an extremely safe way to work. To move forward, we sometimes have to move backwards but always through the ‘hinge’ of ‘NOW, the open moment’. In the journaling process, we tell the journal how we’d like our life to be and then the journal can draw things togetherand allow integration to happen.

The journey is about ‘allowing’. In this workshop it’s important to have the space that If you feel like sharing, you do. We do not offer feedback.

We try not to be judgmental… and if we are; just do it and get on with it!

This workshop draws on the method of the Intensive Journal method of Dr Ira Progoff, as described in his book, AT A JOURNAL WORKSHOP,as well as other sources.


Cost Outlay. (covers Workbook & refreshments. Accomodation and meals extra. Costs on request)

The 6-day workshop is divided into 2 parts:

1: Entering the Quiet: May 19th-21st 2019 incl. (Cost €250)

2: Deepening the Quiet: May 22nd-24th 2019 incl

Full Workshop - (6 Days) - €400

Venue and Accomodation Costs on request.

contact me with any questions or queries;

Workshop Leaders

Faye Schwelitz PhD, PsyD.

Faye lives and works in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She holds doctoratesin both biology and psychology; she also hastraining in Spiritual Direction. She was a tenured faculty member in biology at the University of Dayton and later a Core Faculty Member of the School of Professional Psychology at Wright State University. She currently is in Private Practice with those wishing to grow spiritually and psychologically. Dr. Fayealways been interested in the mind, body, Spirit connection and integration. She has found journaling a powerful tool in bringing about this integration.

In 1976, she was introduced to the Intensive Journal by Dr. Ira Progoff and under him, became a journal leader in 1978. Dr. Schwelitz delivered the Intensive Journal Workshops across the United States and in Australia for many years. She facilitated journal workshopsto groups of inmates at a U.S. Federal Prison for 12 years. Dr. Faye considers Ira Progoff her mentor and teacher whose philosophy and work continues to guide her. However, in the compilation of the writing notebook and way of facilitation, she not only draws on Progoff’s work as described in his book, At a JournalWorkshop, but other sources as well as her own unique contributions. Although much of her life professionally has involved science and psychology, she now allows her awakened poet and visual artist to play.

John Sweet PhD.

John has been using a Journal, following Ira Progoff for over 30 years, leading workshops in England, Wales and Ireland. His vision is to make the Journal experience and method more readily available in the UK and Ireland. John is an academic developer and holds the Senior Fellowship of the Staff and Educational Development Association and a PhD in education. He is currently an Honorary Associate Professor, College of Medicine, Swansea University and member of the academic staff at Cardiff University. His other passions include implementing strategies for sustainable energy, beekeeping and growing trees.

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N37H9N2 Athlone


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