KinoD International Filmmaking Kabaret August 2022

KinoD International Filmmaking Kabaret August 2022

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The Market studios

21 Halston Street

D07 PC62 Dublin


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KinoD. Pitch, Shoot and Screen your movies over the course of 10 days. Make Movies, not excuses!

About this event

What's happening?

  1. KinoD is back with a 10 day International Filmmaking Kabaret!

When and where?

  1. The Market Studio, Corner of Mary's Lane & Halston Street, Dublin 7. (Opposite Georges Hill Primary School) 53.34850691914958, -6.271075219560653

The Venue

  1. We’re back in Dublin City Center at the market studios!

Who is KinoD for?

  1. Absolute beginners through to seasoned experts, that’s who! This event is open to anyone willing to get involved in the filmmaking process. We will facilitate the completion of all movies but participants are encouraged to bring their own equipment: Cameras, lenses, sound recorders, microphones, lights, computers for editing, props, costumes, makeup and so on.

The Schedule

  1. Session 1: The Icebreaker (Friday 5th - Sunday 7th)
  2. Session 2: The Silent Session (Monday 8th - Wednesday 10th)
  3. Session 3: The grand finale! (Thursday 11th - Sunday 14th)

Friday 5th - Session 1: The Icebreaker

  1. Opening. Doors open from 6.00 pm
  2. We’ll be kicking off with introductions and the first pitching session from 7.30pm. Ideas for films will be pitched to the whole group, followed by networking in the Lab. This will be a great chance to meet other film-makers, team up, brainstorm and attach yourself to the projects you are interested in. Directors can start rehearsing with their talents, coordinating the shoot with their crew or can even start shooting straight away!
  3. While you are free to pitch films at the first session that you only plan on submitting for the final session, please keep your resources and the 6 minute limit in mind.

Screening 1 - Sunday 7th

  1. tbc

Monday 8th - Session 2: The Silent Screening

  1. We kick off the second pitching session at 10.30 am on Monday morning. If you cannot make it in, don’t worry, this will be live-streamed, recorded and made available online, as will the details of all pitched projects so no one misses out. This second session is a very special call-back to the original Kino because this is the Silent Session! Films most have no sound or dialogue when screened.

Screening 2 - Wednesday 10th

  1. The second screening will not involve any sound from the films themselves, but will be accompanied by either live music, sound effects, stage performance or - something else? Get Creative!
  2. Basically the only rule for this session is that sound cannot be pre-recorded and the extra day is for teams to organize live-performances and collaborate with musicians (get your music video game on!). We’ll have more info on musicians soon.
  3. The Screening will be at 8pm in the Lab space and the editing deadline is 6pm. It will be recorded and live-streamed just in case but we cannot guarantee anything with a live performance and really want a full house for this one!

Thursday 11th - Session 3: The Silver Screening

  1. The final pitching session will take place on Thursday at 7pm in The Kino Lab. Feel free to use Thursday morning and afternoon to work on unfinished projects, hang out or make Quickes™. There are no rules with this session but you are on a tight deadline so just go for it!

Screening 3 - Sunday 14th

  1. The editing deadline is 6pm and our final screening will be at 8pm, followed by the Official KinoD Wrap Party on Capel Street!
  2. The absolute rock-hard editing deadline is 6pm Films will be shown on the big screen at 8pm, until then you can hang chill - because after 6pm you won’t be busy filming or editing anything will you? That’s right. No, you won’t.
  3. If there are a lot of films, we might have a break half-way and after the cinema screening you are all welcome to the Official Kino D International Kabaret 2022 Wrap Party!

Canon Cinematography Workshop

We are delighted to have Canon supporting us by supplying a C70 camera with RF 24-70mm F2.8 lens for filmmakers to use throughout the Kabaret. Canon will also host a workshop with Pro Imaging Specialist Barry Griffin on cinematography and getting the best image out of your camera for a fast edit. Barry will also be demonstrating other Canon equipment, including the XF605, R5 & R5C.

The workshop starts at 6pm but Barry will be available for questions and advice until 8pm. The workshop will take place in the Kino Lab and is included with tickets for the whole Kino (Golden Tickets) and tickets for the Grand Finale Session (Thursday 11th - Sunday 14th).


  1. Accommodation - Since this is officially an International Kino, we will be actively inviting participants from around the world, but as we all know, Dublin ain’t exactly cheap. So if you have free space and want to help out a fellow filmmaker, please let us know so we can provide accommodation to international travelers (UPDATE 28/07/22) WE WILL NO LONGER BE LOOKING TO PROVIDE ACCOMMODATION FOR ANYBODY WHO PURCHASES A TICKET AFTER THIS DATE DUE TO HIGH DEMAND
  2. Resources - We strongly advise screenwriters and directors to consider your resources and time constraints. Firstly, we have put a lot of effort into getting a Dublin city center Lab venue - use it! Explore the city and shoot Dublin, warts and all! Secondly, it’s a summertime Kino so use the long nights, sunsets and golden hour to make some beautiful films and feel free to shoot through the night! Finally, work fast, Kino is a non-competitive guerilla filmmaking challenge, so experiment, push yourself and make something great!
  1. Quickies™ - Pitching a project is great, finishing a film project is a miracle - but if the neurons are still firing and you just can’t stop now then go for it and make a quickie. Quickies are usually 30 seconds to 1 minute long (no more than a minute!) and tend to be the most bat-sh*t insane ideas ever put to screen. We like bat-sh*t insanity at Kino D and will screen all quickies, even at the final cinema screening. So show us what you got!
  2. Editing Specifications - Go ahead and shoot 4k you absolute masochist, but all exports must be in no higher spec than H.264 20mbps FHD 1920x1080p or the HD equivalent of any aspect ratio (eg. 1:1 or square equates to 1080x1080p). We will only screen mp4 files, no DCPs or 4K files.
  3. Houskeeping - Please respect the spaces provided and clean up when finshing shooting or after eating and drinking. kinoD is run by volunteers, there will always be a member on site so we will do our best to accommodate every queiry and help get your projects finished!

Pricing and registration

  1. Tickets cost €30 per session, or €80 for all three sessions.
  2. Tickets include: access to the Kino Lab space 8am-11pm August 5th-7th (session 1), 8th-10th (session 2), 11th-14th (session 3).
  3. A handful of camera, lighting & sound equipment may be leant out from the Kino team but otherwise it’s Bring Your Own Gear; access to the KinoD Whatsapp Group; KinoD nametag & lanyard; on-site tea, coffee & snacks.
  4. Session 3 tickets include admission to the Cinema Screening at 8pm on Sunday 14th. Due to seating limits, additional seats must be booked through the cinema (TBC).
  5. After purchasing your ticket and registering for the event, you will receive an email questionnaire regarding roles, experience level, equipment etc. This is extremely important for us to gaige and balance the skills and equipment available. Please also upload a clear photo, which we will display on the Kino Lab wall with your details.
  6. Please note, tickets are not refundable once purchased, however should you not be able to attend, feel free to transfer the ticket to a fellow filmmaker, just let us know and we will change the name on the registration form!
  7. For any questions, you can DM @KinoDKabaret, PM @kinodublin on facebook or email
  8. See you soon and Make movies....not excuses!!

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