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100% Risk Free Bitcoin retirement strategy + Learn the Basics of Bitcoin & 15 minutes Q & A session - Saturday 9am - Irish Time

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Hi, I'm Dinny

If you can understand Bitcoin you can understand the entire Crypto market.

Bitcoin is the opportunity of our lifetime... Not 10 or 5 years ago but right now -today!!

Bitcoin was made for a crisis and we are in that crisis!

The opportunities today are insane with the correct knowledge.

Bitcoin and Crypto changed my life and gave me the freedom I'd dreamed about.

Im passionate about sharing that information now to help you find more freedom in your life.

I make Bitcoin and Crypto easy to understand and I give my 100% risk free strategy to have massive success (money back guarantee if this will not work for you) at my workshop.

My only advice to anyone coming into Bitcoin and crypto is to 'get' educated so you can enjoy the high level of prosperity it can bring to you.

Unfortunately many people do not get educated, I have a friend who was an early Bitcoiner but mistakes mean he is not a millionaire today but in the in the exact same financial situation (broke) today as he was in 5 years ago because he did not understand the basics.

We can learn from our mistakes as my friend is doing, the only problem is it takes our most precious resource - TIME

Or if you are like me and you want the SHORTCUT then jump onto my Bitcoin Basics Workshop and I'll teach you:

Bitcoin History

How it works

Why Bitcoin has value

Why Bitcoin continues to increase in value

Who is buying Bitcoin

Bitcoin Risks

Risk Free Strategy to profit in Bitcoin (money back guarantee if this will not work for you!!)

Plus we will have 15 mins of Q & A at the end of the workshop.

We release 15 seats - if the Buy button is working there is a spot available

This simple Bitcoin Basics Workshop will help you cut through all the crypto noise and jargon and help you understand Bitcoin better than most Bitcoin and Crypto speculators!

Once you understand Bitcoin you will understand how to create life changing wealth with it.

9am on Saturday - Irish Time


Below is a Testimonial from a client I helped:

"I don't usually go in for testimonials or write reviews on products or items but when you stumble across a Gem it's worth giving it some kind of praise. I have been personally listening and taking advice from Dinny on Crypto for over a year now, before this i was messing on trading apps, alt coins and waiting to become the next millionaire!!

Didn't happen !!

However when Dinny explained crypto to me in a way anyone could understand without taking unnecessary risks and understanding the market things have certainly changed... My portfolio is €116000 in profit, I'm up over 300% on Bitcoin alone and it's nice to own a few full coins !!!! Easy work !!! Anyone with any reservations on Dinny's course I can assure you you will make the cost of it back in spades in no time. Keep up the good Work Dinny and Thank You.... Rory."


In summary taking my Bitcoin Basics Course gives you an understanding and a strategy to start investing and profiting in cryptocurrencies.

It is inevitable that everyone will own crypto currencies in the future humanity only moves towards technology and those who make the moves early are the ones being heavily rewarded..

Don't continue missing out on Bitcoin and give me one hour to blow your mind and teach you the opportunity you are right now missing out on...

See you on the live


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