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Talbot Hotel Stillorgan

Stillorgan Road



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Narcissistic Abuse Awareness Conference - Dublin, Ireland 2019. 25th May - Talbot Stillorgan Hotel 9am - 1pm. (5 CPD pts)

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The first Narcissistic Abuse Awareness Conference will take place in Ireland on the 25th May in the Talbot Stillorgan Hotel, Co. Dublin. 9am - 1pm.

On 1st January 2019, a new criminal law on Domestic Violence came into effect in Ireland. The law aims to tackle one of the more silent and unseen aspects of emotional and psychological domestic abuse: coercive control.

Recent media coverage of cases such as the RTE programme about Clodagh Hawe (#HernameisClodagh) and the UK case of Sally Challen (#FreeSallyChallen) to name a few brought more awareness of silent abuse and hopefully a life line to anyone experiencing abuse.

The purpose of this conference is to bring experts in the field of Coercive Control, Gaslighting, (Narcissistic abuse), psychopath behaviour and trauma together to share their experience, knowledge, key insights, real life examples of the Irish Domestic Abuse landscape. It is our goal to open up the conversation and for attendees to ask questions and learn from the conference.

Who should attend?

1. Psychotherapists working with clients experiencing abuse, PTSD.

2. Frontline services such as Gardai, social workers.

3. GPs who are often the first person contacted for sick leave &/or medication.

4. Solicitors & Barristers who represent victims in the home or workplace.

5. HR professionals to help victims in the workplace and in the home.

6. Victims, survivors, family, friends or colleagues supporting a person experiencing someone with a narcissistic personality disorder and/or who might be a pathological psychopath. Keynote speaker :


1. Christine Louis de Canonville (Author, Speaker, psychotherapist) Covert Narcissism, Coercive Control, Gaslighting. www.narcissisticbehavior.net

Part 1 "The Dark Triad" in Criminology (the narcissist, the malignant narcissist, and the psychopath)

Part 2 "Coercive Control" what is commonly known as "Gaslighting Behaviour".

Christine is a Psychotherapist, Educator, Author and Supervisor of mental health professionals for over 28 years. She was part of a team in the Trauma Unit of St. Brendan’s Psychiatric Hospital, Dublin, and has worked specifically with victims of pathological narcissistic abuse in her private practice for many years. Her books, “The Three Faces of Evil: Unmasking the Full Spectrum of Narcissistic Abuse” and “When Shame Begets Shame: How Narcissists hurt and shame their victims” set out to address the shortfalls in a therapist’s education, so that they become better equipped to work with survivors of narcissistic abuse. Much of her knowledge has come from her post-grad studies in Criminology and Forensic Psychology, and it is through these disciplines that she has gained her understanding of “The Dark Triad”, (Narcissism, Machiavellianism and Psychopathy). These three faces of evil are vital information for understanding the full spectrum of narcissistic abuse and the dire effects on the victims. It is her vision that narcissistic abuse becomes part of the curriculum of all Mental Health clinicians.Website: The Roadshow for Therapists: www.narcissisticbehavior.netEmail address: Christine@narcissisticbehavior.net

2. Sharon O' Halloran - CEO Safe Ireland (www.safeireland.ie)

Biodynamic Psychotherapist specializing in Trauma Recovery.

Understanding Coercive Control in a Social Change Context

3. Dr. Denise Mullen - M.A., PsyD, MIACP. IACP (www.joyofconnection.ie)

Dr. Denise Mullen (Psy.D, MIACP) is a consultant psychologist with experience in a wide range of settings including individual and group therapy, in-patient treatment, university lecturing and workshop presentations. She has studied extensively in the areas of psychodynamic and object relations theories, developmental psychology and attachment theory. Denise has also written an article about Understanding the Practical Use of the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Disorders) “this volume is key to our growth as professionals in the field of psychology“, you can read it here.

With 30 years combined clinical practice experience, in both California and Ireland, Denise recognises the need for therapist collaboration. Denise is currently presenting a series of workshops with a practical approach based on her in-depth experience shared through case studies and discussion. The uniquely designed workshops allow for insight and confidence in dealing with various clients whilst creating connection with other therapists.

4. Detective Superintendent Gordon McCreadie

Detective Superintendent Gordon McCreadie is Police Scotland's national lead for Domestic Abuse, Forced Marriage, Honour Based Abuse and Stalking and Harassment. He has a broad policing background having worked in Response Policing, Covert Policing, Hostage and Crisis Negotiation, Area Control Rooms, Criminal Investigation, Counter Terrorist Training and Firearms Command. His current role involves significant collaborative working to establish organisational policies and direction around domestic abuse. Additionally, he has command of the Domestic Abuse Task Force, a dedicated and national team of Detective Officers who tackle 'the worst of the worst', the serial perpetrators of abuse who move from relationship to relationship damaging the lives of all whom they touch."

5. Emma Murphy - Domestic Abuse Survivor and Advocate.

5 CPD Points Available. Proceeds will be donated to Safe Ireland CHY 13064.

Tickets - https://narcissisticabuseconference.eventbrite.ie/

For more information email = info@narcmatters.ie

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Date and Time


Talbot Hotel Stillorgan

Stillorgan Road



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